Are we a community or an individual person?


Your entire existence on this planet has revolved around this ascension event. That is, incarnating on this planet and participating in the spiritual work necessary to trigger ascension is the only reason you come here. There is no other reason. We are now, at this instant, going through the process of ascension. By “we” I mean all life forms on this planet (human and non-human). Even the earth herself is now ascending.

The Ascension is about an individual ascension and the return of a grander consciousness (we call it Christ consciousness) into the body. However, The Ascension is much more than just an individual ascension. At its core, The Ascension is really about the entire physical universe. This element of The Ascension, that it is a universal process, is usually left out of all except the most esoteric doctrines. This bears repeating. The Ascension is really a universal event. It is about us, all life on this planet, the planet itself, the solar system, and all things in this universe. In its full magnificence, the event transcends even the boundaries of this universe.

The Ascension is itself simply an energetic event.


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