Are we a community or an individual person?


Spiritually, the process of creation with energy is simple. To create, we think about something and give our intent to create that thing. As we give our intent, we draw from the universal pool of creative energy. As we think (and rethink), the energy begins to move and transform and eventually, whatever it was we were thinking about, whatever is in our consciousness, becomes a physical reality. The whole process involves the gradual slowing and condensation of energy into matter. This is not really news. Physicists themselves understand that matter is simply solidified energy. The only new thing here (and it is not even that new because scientists are beginning to clue into this fact) is that we control the way energy manifests through our intent.

It is as simple as think about it, and it is so.

Of course, right now you are looking around you and asking yourself why you cannot manifest your desires. Because while in this body, we are working at a low level of creation. Indeed, we are working at the lowest level (or dimension) there is. As scientists are beginning to realize, the process of creation (energy transmutation) does not just occur on a single dimensional level. Creation occurs in multiple dimensions simultaneously. This means there is a lot more going on around you than you realize.


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