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Nr.1 The Pharma

The Legal Drug

Disease vs. Health Care

First off, both models are diametrically opposed to each other in their view and practice of medicine. Orthodox medicine has evolved from its founding principles into a model that is today, based on disease care.

Natural medicine’s founding principles always were, and still are, based on “health” care. It believes the body can usually heal itself, especially so when given the right tools. Orthodox medicine says it can’t, that it requires powerful interventions.

Orthodox Medicine treats the body (person) in isolated parts – and believes it has the power and knowledge to “fix” an innate (natural) system by interfering in its normal homeostasis (whole body balance) using powerful man-made chemicals. When that fails, if it is possible without killing the patient, the diseased part can always be cut out or restructured using surgery.

Natural Medicine believes any illness means the whole body must be brought back into health using natural tools the body has evolved to make use of, and the illness will resolve as health is restored.

How did these opposing viewpoints happen? Healers throughout time searched for ways to correct or eliminate causes of sickness. One school believed that nature created her own “cures.” The other school of thought always sought the “magic bullet” approach. Something that would be a cure for all the “sickness of mankind.”

The Natural/Holistic Model of today grew from the first belief system. The Orthodox Medical Model of today, which worked very hard to obtain the monopoly between these two belief systems, grew from the second.

The Philosophy – Belief
Orthodox medical model, or Allopathic (literally, “other disease”) philosophy of treatment is the newcomer to medicine. It was first born out of the belief that the cause of sickness (disease) comes from outside the body, which invades the body making the person “sick.” It was called The Germ Theory.

Based upon the Germ Theory – if one could just find that illusive “magic bullet,” – the magic chemical that could make the human body healthy enough to repel all outside invaders, then illness would be conquered. Not a bad goal.

Find something to kill “The Germ” or the fungus, parasite, or such like, worked well in the beginning when synthetic drugs could be created that were stronger than “germs” and could kill many illnesses that were the current killers of humankind.

Unfortunately, by then, the model was enamored by the possibilities Chemistry and Biology might offer as a means to “Kill” all disease. Orthodox medicine has never been a model about health. It’s about disease. Kill the “Germ” became – Kill the “Disease.”

Another great boost to the chemical/pharmaceutical industry – proof that it was on the “right track” for the role that chemicals could play in curing all disease was the discovery of a hormone that could help to keep insulin dependant diabetics (diabetes I) alive. What they did not understand at the time (or decided to ignore) was that insulin was not a cure for diabetes. It simply supplied the body with a missing hormone. Insulin added years to a patient life but it also added years of suffering as the body developed other conditions and diseases – none of which could be cured.
Neither then nor today.

Try as they might to find the “magic bullet” to cure all disease – the only thing the oil/chemical and pharmaceutical companies could come up with were more chemicals that barely touched the illness of man.

This belief system and practice is one of the main reasons orthodox medicine has yet to find a cure for the worst of today’s killer diseases and all their complications. Because, there is no such thing as “THE disease” to kill. None of these diseases attack man from the outside. They are illnesses that occur when a body is not metabolically balanced.

Strangely enough, orthodox medicine has known about this for years. They do understand, that each and everything that sets up one single tiny metabolic imbalance, affects the entire body at every metabolic level. Knowing this, one has to ask, why does this model not look at treating the underlying causes of such metabolic imbalances instead of continuing to attack isolated symptoms of illnesses with powerful symptom-modifying drugs?

The answer is in the question and is actually composed of 2 parts.

Eliminating Some of the Terrible Symptoms
A person who was suffering from some terrible symptoms related to a disease was more than happy to eliminate them. We like getting rid of those symptoms. Who could blame a person? What we did not realize was the terrible damage being done to the body’s metabolic systems with these powerful chemicals. Seeking the magic bullet had, so far, only resulted in chemicals that were able to relieve symptoms, and this is what was offered to both the doctor and the patient being “treated.”

The second part of this answer
The more the chemical/pharmaceutical industry searched for and failed to find the magic bullet to cure diseases the more drugs were discovered that could modify their symptoms.

It didn’t take the long to see there were big profits to be made in supplying such drugs. The more annoying the symptoms the more these types of drugs were developed. Like any other industry, if one invests money – profits are necessary.

At some point in this time-line the chem/pharmaceutical industry saw that Natural treatments were a roadblock to even greater profits. Therefore, the further use or acceptance of any type of natural herb or vitamin therapy had to go. None of these natural products could be patented, as they were freely available in nature and little if any money could be made from them. From that point, it was decided a medicine monopoly was required. This meant, not only did natural medicines have to go, so did the doctors who believed in and used them.

As a part of constructing a medicine monopoly, Medical model schools (financed by oil/chemical monies) required a curriculum that taught chemistry and science would produce the magic bullet.
Only students who accepted this dogma were allowed into those schools and out of them with a license to legally practice orthodox medicine. This licensing practice was fought and won through political means. The result is that pharmaceuticals became the mainstay of medicine today, and one of the word’s most profitable and powerful industries.

From There To Here
The result is an isolating and/or identifying of “symptoms” and generalizing them into groups that point toward what can then be used to help to diagnose a specific “disease”. Generalized treatment protocols are then put into place and the physician has no choice or options in this.
First using man-made drugs for the symptoms. And the worst of this is “One size fits all.” If the disease is localized in a particular part of the body – physicians trained in this treatment model then isolate that part of the body. If that part of the body does not respond to available “drug” intervention, then that part of the body may have to be cut out with surgery.

The orthodox medical model is always referred to as “Health Care,” but it is in fact “disease care.” The orthodox medical model is a model that is “at war” with disease.

Is it Winning that War?
When looking at statistics it pays to read between the lines. We discussed the difference in death by disease from the 1900 to 2002. Life expectancy was less in 1900 – mainly due to poor sanitation, overcrowding in poor living conditions, and the poor working conditions many were forced to toil in. The first 5 of the chronic killing diseases of today were practically non existent compared to today. These diseases include: heart disease, cancer, stroke, chronic lower respiratory diseases, and diabetes. All of which have substantially increased over the past decades. There are a number of other diseases, which have grown by leaps and bounds in just the past 20 years. These diseases, and the deaths that result from them, have become the modern day curse of westernized nation’s medical costs to say nothing of the repercussions they are having on individual people and families.

The argument is given that because people live longer today such end-of-life disease is more common and this accounts for the number of people dying from these diseases. But this does not compute when science tells us that the majority of people are born with the ability to 120 years of age. The diseases of the aged spoken about above are now responsible for ‘early-age peoples’ deaths. This is premature aging disease.

Unacceptable and Needless
It simply is unacceptable when we know that the average life span for people should be a minimum 80 years of age and up to 120 years. Why do so many people end up dying from diseases that had obviously started to develop many years before the current statistical age of 75?

The most important question to ask here is why the slowly developing disease process was not tested for or found when many of the first indicator symptoms began to show up? Statistically that age is 30 – and studies have shown such indicator symptoms are more likely to begin to appear in a person’s 20s.

A small part of the answer to that is that Orthodox physicians are not allowed to test for “potential” disease. Testing is only allowed when there are clear indications of the presence of disease. There is little if any testing allowed as a means to maintain health and for prevention of disease. Once again, Orthodox medicine is about disease care, not health care.

They are happy of your sickness

The Worlds Most Profitable (and powerful) Industry
Today the pharmaceutical industry is the most profitable industry in the world. A good portion of the world’s economy would collapse if the “Magic Bullet” were ever to be found. In the last few decades, most research dollars spent by this industry have only managed to produce copy-cat drugs or drugs that help control the adverse reaction (symptoms) caused by the first drug. And the potential for further disturbing metabolic processes in the body by introducing toxic man-made chemicals is enormous. We have already seen that toxic chemicals and artificial hormones contribute to mitochondrial damage and this is a major part of the aging factors leading to disease. These drugs kill and maim millions of people every year. Year after year, and no one is ever held accountable. What would happen if you killed someone? Stupid question!

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Are Drugs Ever Useful?
Yes, there are exceptions to using some of these drugs as a means of temporarily intervening in life threatening situations, but once the patient is stable the consequences to long-term health do not warrant their continued use. A perfect example would be a person with exceptionally high blood pressure who also has a cholesterol reading over 300. By all means use the potent cholesterol reducing drugs to bring that patient below 200. Once at that level it serves the patient best to then determine what caused that high level and the high blood pressure readings and make the necessary changes to rebalance the metabolic system while initiating life style changes. Reducing cholesterol levels with drugs only reduces cholesterol – it does not explain why levels are high or treat that cause. Keeping a person on this drug for the rest of their life only continues to keep the levels down – and interferes with the body’s ability to maintain metabolic balance. In fact, more and more studies are now proving that reducing cholesterol levels does not help reduce risk factors for diseases. Statins are among the most profitable drugs for the pharma industry.

We need cholesterol for so many functions in our body we intend to do an article on this shortly.

What is So Wrong with Wanting to Eliminating Symptoms?
It is more about what drives us to eliminate symptoms and what the eventual cost will be to our long-term health for these decisions. Today we are living such stressful, fast paced lives, most of us just trying to stay one step ahead of the wolf at the door each day.

Many industries play on this knowledge presenting us with the “easiest” way to do this or that– especially the food industry. Unfortunately, almost everything that various industries have provided us with to make our lives “easier” are major contributors to our degenerative diseases

The pharmaceutical industry is no different. They have spent many billions of dollars, over the years to “educate” us into becoming a society that has come to believe, and expect, drugs can “fix” all our disorders and social problems. We have been led to believe diseases and disorders are just chemical drug deficiencies: menopause is an estrogen deficiency, Metabolic Syndrome is a statin deficiency, erectile dysfunction is a Viagra deficiency, Diabetes is an insulin deficiency, and Depression is a Prozac deficiency.

For decades, we have been led to believe that to eliminate the “symptom” somehow means we have the disease or condition “under control.” Nothing could be further from the truth.

A quick elimination of an annoying symptom and we can just get on with our life – even if that “life” is the major cause, or is contributing to a worsening of the disorder. If the pill we pop makes us sick – the pharmaceutical industry has another pill for us that will even take “that annoying symptom” away. Even when we know the chemical drug itself is worsening the disorder or helping to create a new one, for some reason it’s easier to just “worry about that some other time”. It’s easier then making the changes to our lives we are now being told we must make if we hope to achieve health and prevent disease and other conditions from developing.

We wonder, does this societal “attitude” provide the pharmaceutical companies moral justification for the sale of these toxic drugs? Is it a case of: “Well, we are just giving the people what they want?”

Again, We Ask, Is Orthodox Medicine Winning Its War Against Disease? With all the money, science and technology available to the world’s most profit industry – where are the cures? Even One Little Cure would at least tell us they have always been on the right track.

10 causes of death in USA 2002

Medical Model Superiority
The Orthodox Medical Model does have its areas of supremacy and brilliance. If I am in a vehicle accident on the freeway and get opened up or broken up, shot, stabbed, bashed over the head, or burned, don’t take me to an ND. Orthodox medicine has evolved the most advanced emergency trauma procedures in the entire history of medicine. For truly life-threatening situations this mainstream approach should always be chosen.

Their advanced trauma superiority includes intervention for heart attack and stroke victims. If any medicine can save these peoples’ lives, it is the cardiovascular specialist, Orthodox Model, trauma physicians.

Other areas of advanced and valuable technology include eye surgery, and joint replacements.

What Did the Founder of Orthodox Medicine Think About this Model?

When considering which medicine model will best meet your personal back or neck pain relief goals you might want to consider all this current information about Orthodox Medicine, especially if your long-term health is a part of that goal. You might also be interested in the following information provided by one of the main founding fathers of the orthodox medicine model of today.

Here is a Really Informative Tidbit:
The oil and chemical magnate, founder of the Rockefeller dynasty, John D Rockefeller, helped to:

  1. Finance the use of chemical-pharmaceuticals
  2. Contribute financially and politically to the development of the Orthodox Medical Model
  3. Guarantee the monopoly this medicine model enjoys, to this day.

John D lived in excellent health to the age of 98, as did his son John D Jr, who died aged 86.
What was their secret to a long healthy life? In their response, both attributed this to:

“a frugal diet of natural food, the advice and care of a natural/homeopathic
doctor, and the complete avoidance of synthetic drugs!”

Is This Really The Best Model?
It appears the model we have placed absolute and unquestioning faith in for the past 80 years is not exactly the “health care” we thought it was. What has been discovered, without question, is this orthodox medical model is “driven” by the “chem/pharma/food” industry, but primarily by the pharmaceutical industry. It is the world’s most profitable and powerful industry. This industry is founded upon generating profit.

So much information has recently come to light, which clearly demonstrates, in so many ways – this industry is far more concerned with the profits they want to generate and their actions simply prove that they cannot generate profits, for any length of time, by helping people to get well. Hence, the new expression, “Orthodox medicine is not about health care – it is about disease care.” This expression appears to be a viable explanation for why “cures” for disease still do not exist and why the pharmaceutical industry spend so little research money in this direction. And, why so many people are so sick today.

Bringing such information to light is a good thing. Many people of distinction are now forecasting the eventual death of this model. However, this is of little help for people today. The knowledge provided by the exposure of these truths is the only help available – but it can be enough help, in many cases.

No matter which model or combination of models you choose, BE INFORMED, and BE IN CHARGE. You are paying them for the best possible care – ONLY YOU can ensure you receive the care you have decided you need.

1. Cures: We need drug companies to keep finding cures for major diseases. Look at all the cures they’ve found so far like… well… okay, they haven’t actually found any cures yet. But maybe they can at least cure all the bogus diseases they made up like “social anxiety disorder” and “attention deficit hyperactivity disorder.” 2. National Security: U.S. drug companies are crucial for protecting our national security by banning prescription drugs from untrustworthy countries like Canada — which we all know is just a rabble of war-mongering nitwits who invade third world countries for sport (and then lie about why they did).

3. The Economy: never mind that most pharmaceutical companies sell useless products at ridiculous prices. All that money changing hands is great for the economy. You may be diseased, but think on the bright side: your Big Pharma stocks are soaring! (With all that money, you might even be able to afford health insurance…)

4. Doctors: Without the pharmaceutical companies, what would all the doctors do for work? After all, most so-called “medicine” involves little more than scribbling out a prescription for the latest mass-advertised drug. Without drugs, doctors might actually have to TALK to patients. Horrors!

5. Ethics: With Enron gone, we need a new, national example of strong ethics that properly communicate the essence of American corporate greed. Pharmaceutical companies could make Enron look like the Girl Scouts.

6. Political Fundraising: We need drug companies to support the re-election efforts of honest national leaders like President Bush who, as we all know, is crucial for protecting our civil liberties.

7. Publishers: Without drug company advertising, who would support all the newspaper and magazine publishers in this country? After all, many print publications are now little more than pro-drug infomercial rags dressed up to look like credible news magazines.

8. Patient Responsibility: Without drug companies shifting health responsibility away from patients, the people would actually have to think for themselves and take control of their own health. That’s simply too much to ask from a dumbed-down population where no child was left behind (except for the ones who were).

9. The Environment: Drug companies set an excellent example of fair and balanced environmental policy, which is why antidepressant drugs are now showing up in the water supply. Their new environmental slogan? “You take it, you flush it, we fuggedaboutit!”

What happens when the Bush Administration negotiates drug prices with private industry using public money? To answer the question, just consider the situation with U.S. government “negotiations” over the prices of prescription drugs for Medicare: The Bush Administration not only agreed to pay monopoly prices for medications, it also made it illegal for the government to negotiate any discounts with pharmaceutical companies!

The result? A multi-trillion dollar taxpayer funded subsidy to the richest corporations in the world: Drug companies. Click here to view the CounterThink cartoon on this topic.) But it’s not just the Bush Administration to blame here: no presidential candidate seems to be free from Big Pharma control other than Rep. Ron Paul, who is a strong advocate of genuine health freedom. Even the Democratic candidates are pushing tyrannical agendas. Former U.S. Sen. John Edwards, for example, has now publicly called for health care reform that would force all Americans to visit conventional medical doctors on a regular basis, then submit to chemotherapy drugs if any signs of cancer (breast cancer, prostate cancer, etc.) were detected. It’s a police state medicine proposal, and it came out of the mouth of a Democrat.

When it comes to health care, drug prices and politics, both side of the aisle have been bought off by Big Pharma. I cringe to consider what might happen with health care if Hilary Clinton were to become president. Although I’d love to see a woman in the White House, I’m not sure I’d want a health care dictator in cahoots with Big Pharma calling the shots on national health care reform.

No serious health care reform proposals

The truth is that no politician other than Rep. Ron Paul has any real plan for health care reform. No one is talking about getting people OFF prescription drugs and onto disease prevention diets, healthful lifestyles and low-cost nutritional supplementation. The answers to preventing 90 percent of all cancers in this country are right in front of us, yet no one is talking about using a cancer prevention diet (plus sunlight and exercise) to stop this epidemic of preventable disease.

No one is talking seriously about banning soda ads and junk food ads to children, and Big Pharma has bought off lawmakers so completely that there’s also no serious discussion of ways to end the madness of direct-to-consumer drug advertising (a dubious practice that isn’t even allowed in most other countries).

Rather than protecting the people, politicians are now in bed with the powerful corporations selling foods, drugs and personal care products that actually harm people. There is no real defender of the people who remains in power in Washington. The entire power base has shifted to those sellout bureaucrats who seem to be willing to sacrifice the future health of this nation in order to solidify their own personal reelection campaigns with the help of corporate donations (bribes).

The system is broken. A nation that was once designed so that lawmakers would represent the interests of the common people has now devolved into a system that only serves the interests of the corporations. The people are now considered proxy voters to be brainwashed and manipulated into voting for whichever candidate is going to concentrate the most power into the hands of the few. As a result of all this, the future of this nation is in real jeopardy.

An intoxicated nation

We have become a nation of drug addicts — and I don’t mean illegal drugs. From the high-fructose corn syrup and caffeine in the food supply to all the prescription drugs people now believe they need because they saw them on TV, synthetic substances now dominate American medicine (and American tragedy). An estimated 30 percent of all traffic accidents are now caused by people on medication, and yet the drug companies are pushing even more drugs for yet more fictitious diseases — because, you know, there’s always a way to add yet one more pill to the daily chemical intake, right?

Over the last ten years alone, there has been a forty-fold increase in the number of children being diagnosed with bipolar disorder. That’s a 4000% rise in the number of children with this so-called “disease.” Gee, why isn’t the CDC involved? Any increase that large should be due to an infectious disease pandemic — if it were real, that is. But there is no pandemic, no outbreak, and no real cause for alarm. The 4000% increase is due entirely to clever marketing, disease mongering and the takeover of psychiatric medicine by Big Pharma.

Modern medicine is the cause of disease

It increasingly seems like the only real disease in this country is the sickness of believing in pharmaceutical medicine. It’s a kind of madness, actually: Thinking that a synthetic chemical can solve all your problems and put your life in perfect order like those actors shown in pharmaceutical television ads. I believe it will one day be viewed as a kind of cultural mass psychosis. When it comes to health, our modern world has lost its mind, and the so-called science backing it up has lost all touch with scientific reality. Modern medicine is a hoax. Science has been abandoned for marketing. Safety has been thrown out the window and replaced with profit potential. Ethics have surrendered to greed, and we have now become a nation of mind-numbed druggies who seem increasingly incapable of questioning the news, voting intelligently, or understanding anything that’s really going on in the world (such as the coming collapse of the real estate bubble and the inevitable hyperinflation of the U.S. dollar).

Here are the seven facts you need to remember about everything you’re seeing today in modern medicine:

Fact #1: 90 percent of all diseases (cancer, diabetes, depression, heart disease, etc.) are easily preventable through diet, nutrition, sunlight and exercise. None of these solutions are ever promoted because they make no money.

Fact #2: Nearly all the consumption of pharmaceuticals today is a direct result of marketing to the public and covertly bribing physicians to write more prescriptions. There is very little drug consumption based on scientific merit.

Fact #3: No pharmaceuticals actually cure or resolve the underlying causes of disease. Even “successful” drugs only manage symptoms, usually at the cost of interfering with other physiological functions that will cause side effects down the road. There is no such thing as a drug without a side effect.

Fact #4: There is no financial incentive for anyone in today’s system of medicine (drug companies, hospitals, doctors, etc.) to actually make patients well. Profits are found in continued sickness, not wellness or prevention.

Fact #5: Virtually all the “prevention” programs you see today (such as free mammograms or other screening programs) are little more than cleverly disguised patient recruitment schemes. They use free screenings to scare people into agreeing to expensive and often unnecessary treatments that enrich drug companies. Breast cancer mammography is a complete scam: The machines actually cause cancer!

Fact #6: Doctors know virtually nothing about nutrition and are still not taught nutrition in medical schools. Expecting a doctor to teach you about how to prevent disease is sort of like expecting a car mechanic to show you how to perform brain surgery. Although there are some exceptions (doctors who have taught themselves nutrition), most doctors remain so nutritionally illiterate that they have no familiarity with the natural plant-based medicines found in everyday fruits and vegetables.

Fact #7: Nobody has any interest in your health except you. No corporation, no doctor, and no government has any desire to actually make you well. Keeping you sick makes it easier for them to control and financially exploit you. Healthy, aware individuals are perceived as a threat to the tyrannical institutions now running this country, and they’ve figured out that the best way to keep a nation controlled and subdued is to drug ’em all and keep the people in a constant state of brain fog from medications and fluoride. The only healthy, aware, critically thinking individuals I know are all 100% free of pharmaceuticals and processed foods (and watch no television, either).

Remember those seven facts and you’ll know more about health and disease than most people. And for your part, stay healthy! Work to safely get off all prescription drugs, eat a diet of natural, wholesome foods (and avoid processed foods), exercise regularly, avoid toxic chemicals in your home (throw out those toxic laundry detergents and switch to soap nuts), and toss those toxic personal care products (skin creams, cosmetics, shampoo, etc.). Stay natural, healthy and alert. Be well, and you’ll be the exception! And please, never be so gullible as to think that your government is going to “save you” with a new health care reform plan. Even if we switch to free health insurance for everyone, the whole system is still based on toxic treatments that cure nothing!


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