Are we a community or an individual person?


They struggled to awaken.
They opened their eyes.
They remembered, and they said to the sleepers around them,
“We are One.”
“We are Joy.”
“We are Love.”
“We are GOD!”
But the sleepers did not awake.
The Body had forgotten.
The Body was deaf.
The Body knew only survival.
The Body knew only its death.
The Body doubted the message and scoffed at the messengers.

Instead of the unity of Spirit, The Body felt separation of ego.
Instead of the joy of creation, The Body felt sorrow at limitation.
Instead of the love of creators, The Body felt anger and isolation.
And out of the separation and sorrow, anger and rage, The Body lashed out.
The Body struck back and The Body learned fear.
And from the anger and pain, from the fear and the sorrow, a terrible darkness spread over the land.

The strong trampled the weak.
And the darkness grew.
The rich exploited the poor.
And the darkness grew.
The healthy murdered the sick.
And the darkness grew.
Till Spirit cried, “This must not be.”
The pain is too great.
This must not be!
And from the cry of our Spirit, the civilization of Atlantis died.
And that part of Spirit not trapped in The Wheel wept at the loss.
And from that weeping a new world, our world, was born.

Michael Sharp


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