Are we a community or an individual person?

scan disk

How to begin? Where to start? There is so much material, what should I do first?

Each of us comes to life with our own personal agenda. Each of us has current problems, concerns, excitements, health choices and spiritual focuses. In other words, we are all unique and very individual in our natures.

Take this short diagnostic test to discover if you have some areas to upgrade. Answer these questions with your first response:

What is your goal for your life?

Do you want to make more money?

Are you trying to improve your situation in life?

Do you hope you will make more money this year?

Are you committed to improving your health?

Are you working on relationships?

Do you have problems with intimacy?

Your answers will contain hidden (to some) self-sabotage patterns, which will make agreements of limitation. Usually these limitations are unconscious and operate without our knowledge, until we WAKE UP.


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