Are we a community or an individual person?

The Code

We have been using a language system built upon a premise of lack, struggle and separation. This language, the Babel Virus, is full of glitches and blocks to our well-being, health, enlightenment and personal victory in our journey, in our pursuit and accomplishment of happiness.


The basic concept of Conscious Language (The Code) is:


  • Our language defines our reality.
  • Every word we speak is our Prayer coming into manifestation now and continuously.
  • Our sub-conscious is 100% literal.
  •  “Decree a thing and it shall be established unto you.”
  • The more specific we are the more instantaneous the manifestation.
  •  “Life and death is in the power of the tongue.”
  • Ownership of some desire comes through claiming what we desire.
  • Speaking first person, personal, conscious creative language, here and now is very powerful.
  • Words spoken with specificity and feelings equals manifestation.
  • In the beginning was the word, the word was with God and the word was God.
  •  “A man who offended not in word, the same is a perfect man and able to bridle the whole body.”



ERROR – If I say, “I want” my subconscious is obedient and does what I say, makes and keeps me wanting.

CORRECTION – “The Lord is my shepherd, I shall not want.”


There are 11 Domains of Self-Sabotage Language:


  1. Limitation and No Choice (I want, I can’t)
  2. Non-Choice (I choose not to go)
  3. Ineffective Choice  (I try)
  4. Absolutes and Grandiosities (I always, I never)
  5. Conditional Choices  (If, when)
  6. The Domain of the T’s; This, That, These, Them, They, Those, It, The (The family… vs. My family…)
  7. Cancellation (Isn’t it interesting?  Wouldn’t you like to go?)
  8. Process Without Outcome  (Working on it, dealing with it)
  9. Co-Dependence  (I am happy if you are happy)
  10. Specific Quality Without Personal Connection (I choose joy. {Yes, but: how, in what way, shape or form?})
  11. Outcome, Almost  (I choose joy with Dad {about what?})



ERROR – Remember the “I can’t get no satisfaction” thing? Thank you Mick Jagger!

CORRECTION – New Choice: I am fully and divinely satisfied!


Equate language to our Human Operating System. Just like a computer to function, an operating system must be present. The operating system we are operating on was acquired from our conception, including the thoughts and expressions of our Moms and Dads, through our socialization growing up, from our culture, beliefs, teachers, friends, media, TV and songs we listened to and allowed into our consciousness.


It may go way back to the Tower of Babel and God confusing our language. Since language is core to the way we operate and build our belief systems, language is usually the first place for most of us to start our upgrade (ascension, new conscious, system check).  When we clean up the way we think, speak, imagine, and ultimately feel, our lives have the potential to be new made. Our “I am” can begin to function, consciously and effectively. Our Hearts begins to speak.


As we make our personal upgrades, moving from wanting to choose to have, things begin to powerfully shift for us. Having many dysfunctional patterns, co-dependencies, limitations believed in, and physical and emotional blocks required me to find ways to move upscale through limitations which seemed very real, very physically and emotionally real.

As we move upscale, the process of moving upscale has many on ramps and many more off ramps to our success. The illusion has strong interest in us failing. Like gravity, it pulls on us to make us think and feel less than victorious. The lies of the illusion (Matrix) are capable. Our resolve and courage must meet “the test”. Knowing “the test” and coming prepared to win, knowing our adversary is essential to having a winning edge, keeping our winning focusI am Victorious.


Conscious Language and moving upscale increase energy. Energy is feeling. Knowing and being confident in what we are feeling and what to do with our language and our feelings prepares us for greater and greater levels of success and victory. Affirm often: God Is The Only Presence and Power Acting Here. Knowing where we are, through our words, feelings, body sensations and body language helps us be fortified in our Spirit, our Holy Spirit, to win the battle of Life. Light wins. Who’s Light? My Light! God’s! Light. Do not focus on religion. Do focus on God. We are to be Spiritual in our lives. Your practice of your Spiritual life is up to you.


“These things shall ye do and greater things shall ye do.” 

Jesus Christ


“As a man/woman thinks in his/her heart, so is he/she.”


Focus on share with humanity a new way of being. Let God, in and through you, do the rest.


Transforming Emotion Into Motion is the next step for those choosing to grab the rudder of their ship and steer themselves into greater and greater levels of health, happiness, and personal success.  Discover that we as humans were designed for perfection. We were designed for joy. Our smile is so much easier on our facial muscles than a frown. It takes lots of energy to be down and depressed.  When Conscious Choice through Conscious Language becomes our commitment, we begin to move from lower levels of emotions like sadness and fear, into joy and courage. Discover that each emotion leaves a pathway for a new and constructive motion. Emotion or e-motion is against motion, or resistance. Motion, or love, is action. I share very specifically how to move upscale through a reaction into an action, with love. Conscious Language awareness continues during this phase. 


Our Body is the storing house of our emotions, both experiential and genetic. By having an understanding what our body is saying to us, we can increase partnership with our inner self and more effectively move upscale to motion.


These is the “other conversation” going on between and within individuals through physical symbols, archetypal patterns, body sensations and energies in our environment. Anyone committed to conscious communication will have: success, health, an the ability to communicate and understand yourself and those you are supporting.


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