Are we a community or an individual person?

The pain in the ass


One major problem in the world today, and this applies especially to “educated” people, is that they are not really very smart. Actually “smart” is not the right word. What I am trying to say is that they are not very perceptive and suffer from a marked inability to look and see things as they actually are. The reason for this is that they are the most familiar with the ideas and notions of the times, having been thoroughly “educated” into these notions and ideas. This “education” (indoctrination) generally acts to create a set of cultural or “professional” blinders which prevents the “educated” person from viewing or understanding anything outside of the current “professional” framework that they have been indoctrinated into. It’s not that they lack and need more knowledge, but that the knowledge that they do have, in itself, acts to prevent them from being able to view and understand anything outside their often limited framework of beliefs and attitudes. A framework that they assume to be be all-inclusive and often quite perfect. The rest of the culture goes along with everything they promote as “facts” and “truth”, because these viewpoints and attitudes tend to be everywhere, in newspapers, magazines, TV, schools and colleges.

An Example – Modern Medicine

One example of this is modern western medicine, which is almost completely drug oriented. The drug companies are the largest supporters of the major medical schools through their extensive grants and yearly donations. The main direction of western medicine is drug oriented, not because there is anything inherently superior to it, but because a huge amount of money pours into it and supports it year after year. No drug company will finance studies and research that fail to strongly encourage drug “solutions”, or encourage alternative solutions to health problems that they do not profit by. Individual people, groups, and especially commercial business ventures do not pay money to support their competition or adversaries. Imagine if two new board games hit the market (like Monopoly or Clue), and one group spent nothing on advertising while the second group spent millions over a ten year period on promoting it’s product. Which group would have the more successful, played, and profitable game? Obviously, the game that had the huge amount of money spent to promote it. Which game might actually be “better” would be meaningless, because the money invested in advertising primarily determines which game achieves greater popularity. This is exactly the situation with modern medicine, and many other things.

Using various medical journals, media outlets, and the FDA, the modern medical establishment actively attacks, derides and even attempts to eradicate alternative methods (especially if these alternative methods ARE effective and would pose a real competitive threat). Medicine is big business, the only goal is profits, and to hell with whether it works or not. It’s primarily a matter of balance sheets for their respective accounting departments. Factually, the AMA (American Medical Association) spent over 10 years, and much time and money ridiculing, attacking, and finding fault with chiropractic practices. They presented it all very “scientifically”, with “numerous studies”, but often simply resorted to juvenile name-calling in an attempt to belittle the chiropractic profession. Members of the chiropractic profession were referred as “quacks” or “side-show elixir salesman”. Some of their methods were derided as being nothing but “mumbo-jumbo” and “hocus-pocus”.

This is a common practice today, where one group attacks another by calling them various things that are known to have unique associated negative connotations by a majority of the public. “Oh, he’s a socialist”, “they’re atheists”, “it’s just a cult”, and “she’s a right-wing extremist” are all examples of where reason, proof and sane arguments are discarded in favor of simple name-calling with the hope that the listener blindly accepts the over-generalized label along with all it’s unspoken negative connotations. These planned attacks aim at a pre-conscious and emotional appeal level. The goal is never to honestly appeal to reason or discover truth, but to change attitudes and opinions in one’s favor. Eventually, after a long drawn out legal battle, the AMA had to publicly admit and apologize for the dishonest tactics that they had used over many years in their attempt to destroy chiropractic. Their apologies appeared as full-page ads in USA Today magazine. “Truth” and “public health” were not the concern of the AMA or their cohorts in slander, the FDA (Federal Food & Drug Administration). Their only concern was profits. The profits of the doctors and drug companies. Chiropractic was competition. It mattered little whether it actually helped people or cured poor health conditions.

Drug advertisements make up the majority of the advertising in all “official” medical journals. The doctors take courses about what drugs to give for what diseases. The drug companies have worked closely with major medical schools for decades to establish the drug approach to modern western medicine. So, the doctor, whether caring, intelligent, honest or not, is basically “educated” (indoctrinated) within a very limited approach to the subject of health. Alternative subjects, such as chiropractic, homeopathy, acupuncture, and osteopathy, which have been around much longer than modern drug medicine, are routinely ignored and ridiculed by many doctors, even though most of them know next to nothing about these subjects. It is even popular to ridicule these subjects. I am sure many of them make wise cracks about these subjects at their conventions and social functions. Condescension by people, who think they know better, when they actually don’t, is somewhat pitiful.

Modern western medicine views health as the “absence of disease”. They have labeled or “named” various physical conditions and packages of symptoms as “illnesses”. Their solution is to “attack”, “battle” and “destroy” the symptoms of the diseases they have “named”. They almost never address an actual cause of a health problem with the aim to solve it. Studies are never conducted to determine how to prevent cancer, but only how to attack it with drugs and other invasive techniques. The entire intention is to “manage” the pain and to destroy symptoms. If the illness were truly “solved” this would put their methods out of business. There is absolutely no profit in curing anything. That is the main reason why they don’t. Many of you may rebel at this notion, and react that this couldn’t possibly be true. The notion violates our basic sense of decency and rightness about the operation of a major social institution. But regardless of intentions, in the real world of existing people and actions, this is practically the way it works.

Their intention never has been, and isn’t now, to solve cancer. The American Cancer Society, the National Cancer Institute, and the American Medical Association work closely with the drug companies and exist to forward the profits of the drug companies. Otherwise the drug companies wouldn’t support them. Many honest and caring people work with and for these groups, believing that they are sincerely searching for a “cure” for cancer. Even many doctors and drug executives believe the same thing, but this is not what they have done in the past, are doing now, or will ever do in the future. One doesn’t bite the hand that feeds you (the drug companies). The doctors, colleges and medical associations know this better than anyone, even if this is rarely admitted to themselves or others.

Their entire approach isn’t to “create health”, but to “destroy disease”. There is a large philosophical difference involved here. This philosophical gulf results in drastic practical differences in applications. For example, osteopathy views “health” as something to create through proper diet, nutrition, exercise, and living. It attempts to locate the underlying causes that manifest as the “disease” (physical symptoms). Osteopathy might encourage a patient to locate and remove pesticides, food additives, and other chemical poisons from the body’s environment and intake, but this is done from a viewpoint of “handling” negative causes and not simply “attacking” negative symptoms. It’s a major difference in approach and effect. There MUST be actual reasons why people develop cancer, but the TRUE sources are not given due concern. The modern popular “authorities” like to assert that it’s all due to genetics, so then there is nothing anyone can do about it except pay for their treatments once you have the “disease”. It is ludicrous to believe that with all the millions of dollars spent on cancer “research” that solutions have not been found. This is because the actual causes are not being adequately or honestly looked for. Research continues to primarily address new ways to attack and destroy symptoms, with no aim at discovering actual underlying causes, which if properly addressed would do away with the symptomatic “cures” of surgery, chemotherapy and radiation. Additionally there has been a concerted effort by the FDA, the Gestapo arm of the drug companies and medical industry, to attack and destroy any and all efforts that actually do reduce or “cure” cancer. In modern America it is actually against the law to claim that you can “cure” a disease (even if you can). Strange place, huh?

Antibiotics are a “drug” which helps the body do what it is already trying to do. At the turn of the century, when antibiotics were discovered, great forward leaps were taken in the general health of the public, because infections no longer were untreatable. But most modern “medical” drugs do not act to “help” the body do what it is already doing or trying to do, and, in fact, often act to inhibit or harm the body and what it is trying to do. Modern drugs, including psychiatric drugs, primarily attack and suppress symptoms, rarely addressing or correcting any underlying causes, and almost always with known or unknown harmful side-effects. Even prolonged use of antibiotics has detrimental effects on the body’s immune system and other normal body functions. Various proponents of “drugs” try to equate the “antibiotics” with the other newer modern drugs in their attempt to justify their use, but all “drugs” are not equal. Medical and pharmaceutical specialists want us all to simply think, “drugs are good” and “drugs cure illness”. They don’t want anyone to have an in depth understanding of what drugs actually do, and that they primarily attack symptoms. Sadly, and for the most part, this is what they themselves believe.

Most drugs don’t cure anything, and instead almost always attack symptoms. To make matters even worse, most doctors and drug specialists don’t even know how or why the various drugs do what they do. Largely they have opinions, notions, and theories that they parade around as “scientific” facts. They believe it, and therefore they can be very convincing. As an example, psychiatrists (medical “doctors” of a sort), talk about “chemical imbalances in the brain” as if these actually existed, yet no such imbalance has ever been found in any of many medical studies, and no medical test exists for such an imbalance. But this non-existent imbalance, which has never been detected anywhere at anytime, receives constant attention by doctors, is discussed casually in medical journals, and is cited to patients as the “reason” for their problems. It’s an illusion, or more to the point, it’s a delusion. It’s something that many people believe to exist, yet it actually does not exist at all in any way whatsoever. And of course, the drugs they prescribe supposedly “cure” the invisible and never detected chemical imbalance. It is a hoax. It may not be an intentional hoax, but it is a hoax even if only due to their rampant idiocy. No two psychiatrists can or will agree on what defines a “schizophrenic” or what the proper treatment should be. The description and explanation of “schizophrenia” has drastically changed over the entire past century to where the concept can mean almost anything or nothing. In a nutshell, the “mental illness”, the explanation for it, and the “cure” are all imaginary. They don’t exist and are of the nature of modern mythology. True, psychiatry is often a very detailed and complex modern mythology, but it’s a mythology nonetheless. These “things”, such as “chemical imbalances in the brain”, and many “mental diseases” are concepts or ideas or models that don’t relate to any actual observable physical realities. These things are fairy tales.

The point is that modern medicine, as it is officially accepted and practiced today, is far from a complete and valid system of health, in theory and in practice. Doctors are promoted and treated as “professionals”, “authorities” and “scientific experts”. This is largely a false picture, but has been thoroughly accepted by the majority of the public as being true. Medical doctors enjoy large salaries because they are the primary sales arm for the extremely profitable drug companies. Make no mistake about it, without the drug companies the medical doctors would not enjoy anywhere near the financial benefits they currently do. This situation of very incomplete and limited approaches also exists in the fields of psychiatry, psychology, sociology, economics, politics, and education. There are reasons why many modern fields of study are often incomplete, biased, limited, harmful or unworkable (meaning not getting useful effective results), even while the members are viewed at the same time as “professionals” and “authorities”, but that is not the subject of this essay. But in case you are curious, it has mainly to do with profit, power, and elitism (the condition where a certain select few think they know what is best for everyone else due to their self-assumed superior intelligence and ability).

The drug companies and associated non-profit foundations, created by the same owners of the major drug companies, dumped billions of dollars into the medical colleges over the past hundred years to support and promulgate their “business”. It was all advertising and PR, and sadly, had very little to do with “truth”, “effectiveness” or an honest concern for the health of the general public. The doctor’s image as the “kindly”, “knowledgeable” and “caring professional” is primarily the result of many decades-long, slick, Madison Avenue type advertising campaigns. We all believe it, or at least did believe it at some point. We mostly take it for granted, never question it, and this is what keeps the situation going. Mostly they also believe it themselves. It’s not that they’re really conniving and deceitful, although there are some who fall into that category; but instead they are simply, for the most part, wrongly educated (indoctrinated). Doctor’s are often kind and caring, but that alone cannot make up for the lack of validity to their approach to human health. Additionally, the entire nutty system is gaining momentum and continues to expand in terms of influence, power and control.

Modern medicine is not the result of a hundred years of objective, unbiased research representing Man’s honest and legitimate desire to discover “truth” and to “help” solve human suffering. Modern medicine is the result of certain huge financial interests that first, aligned themselves with the subject of western medicine, second, refused to support, actively inhibited and even destroyed alternative medical approaches (due to no profit potential and the threat of real competition), and third, completely oversaw, managed and directed the evolution of modern western medicine in theory and practice. Many people find this difficult to believe, and even completely ridiculous. This shows, not that what I state here is wrong, but that the majority of the public are completely “sold” on the idea of modern medicine as being valid, professional, scientific and all-inclusive. These people are “modern believers”. We all suffer from this to some extent, and none are immune. Any honest and observant investigator will find though that this is simply not true. But you will have to break through much of your own fixed ideas and erroneous basic assumptions about reality before you will be able to see it for what it really is. It is not easy to admit one has been believing a lie for most of their life. This comes as a shock to us all. It makes us feel like fools and idiots. It makes us feel uncertain, unsteady and shaky. Our world seems to collapse around us as the props we took for granted yesterday lay in shambles at our feet today. But it is better to temporarily feel like an idiot, endure the momentary confusion, push through to the other side, and reach a state of increased awareness, than to continue believing and contributing to the lies (modern medicine being only one example of many).

The modern doctors are “educated authorities”, but ONLY within their extremely limited and largely incorrect domain of understanding. Within their own system of ideas or subject they are “smart”. They can “diagnose” the “right diseases” by knowing the appropriate packages of symptoms, they can “prescribe” the “right drugs” according to the medical textbooks (which ONLY recommend drug treatments and are written in close affiliation with the major drug companies), and they can discuss “intelligently” their field with other doctors. The affluent doctors send their kids to medical school, because they have the money and can afford it, new western-oriented medical doctors are produced, and the entire situation continues happily along. You are familiar with the attitudes about doctors in modern western society such as 1) “being a doctor is a good profession”, 2) “doctors are professionals”, 3) “modern medicine is the best there is”, 4) “medical studies use the latest in scientific methods and equipment, and 5) “listen to your doctor, because he knows best”. It’s all largely a sham. While this may not be due to any actual widespread political or financial conspiracy, it is minimally due to ignorance and stupidity regenerating and propagating itself through space and time.

The above things exist only because doctors use drugs. If doctors, as a profession began to question drug use and began promoting alternative methods to handle patient complaints and ailments, because they honestly found them to be more effective, they would find themselves, as a profession, without a financial guardian angel, because the drug companies would cease to support them. They would find themselves without power, prestige, and authority, not because they weren’t right, but because the big money would no longer be setting them up as the “professionals”. Drug companies and therefore the entire medical establishment support drugs and drug use only. They do not support, and have never supported, “truth”, “health” and “honest advancement” no matter what they say, pretend, believe, assert, claim, or promote among themselves or to the public. It is a difficult thing to discover and understand that what we have been taking for granted about a major social institution is largely false.

As an example, most doctors don’t have a clue about nutrition and it’s importance to the smooth operation of the human body. While some are finally beginning to acknowledge the importance of nutrition, it was typical for many years for doctors to dismiss concerns about nutrition as largely irrelevant to health. This should seem odd to anyone who honestly considers that good nutrition is a very basic requirement of the healthy operation of any human body. A human body is made up of atoms, cells, chemicals, minerals, and various structures. The body has numerous different systems, such as digestion, circulation, respiration, lymphatic, immune, and nervous, to name but a few, and these each have unique operations which involve utilizing material from the environment to keep the body going. The body is a tremendously complex biological machine. There is no man-made thing anywhere that comes even slightly close to it in terms of the sheer amount of systems, relationships of systems, and complexity. Specific body functions monitor and handle sugar levels, electrolyte relations, mineral levels and ratios, blood oxygen levels, cellular toxicity, and thousands of other things known and not yet known. Apparently the body keeps itself running and functioning just fine if left to itself and supported. This FACT is one thing you will never hear come out of a doctor’s mouth, that the body’s own inherent intelligence operates continually, twenty-four hours a day, to keep it going, and to keep it going at an optimum level. It, whatever “it” is, “knows” what to do at the smallest cellular level right on up to the largest interactive whole body level. Anyone who cares to observe and learn about the various body functions will be truly amazed at what the physical body does all by itself. The body ingests, assimilates, organizes and utilizes various chemicals, minerals, vitamins, and enzymes as the raw material to keep itself going. Thousands upon thousands of chemical reactions at a cellular and organ level occur in your body each and every second! So, if the chemicals aren’t adequately supplied, or if certain of the body’s monitoring and organizing functions become impaired due to a past failure to obtain the needed chemicals, it can’t remain “healthy”. The body needs raw materials such as minerals, water, vitamins, and various chemicals, which it largely gets through food (i.e. nutrition), but also from the air and water. These keep the body machine running and also keep it in good “mechanical” shape. This is common sense, although apparently not to the modern western-oriented medical doctor.

And so many modern doctors pooh-pooh nutritional approaches to health. They sometimes use the notion of the “starry eyed, hippie, health food fanatic” and attempt to attach it to the entire nutritional approach with the purpose of diminishing the public’s perception of it as valid and useful. A generalized caricature of the health-food fanatic is often attached to the various subjects of alternative medicine and used to sabotage an accurate perception and understanding of these subjects. Sadly, these tactics work far too often. Too many people accept without question the conceptual associations given to them by others, no matter how untrue or inaccurate these might be.

The modern medical doctors have nothing to do with “creating health”. They are only concerned with eradicating or destroying disease, and the removing of disease (which is usually only a group of symptoms of some underlying and unrecognized physical problem) is a very incomplete and one-sided approach to the complete subject called “health”. It’s not that modern medical techniques don’t have their place, they do, but their approach is only an isolated part of a much larger picture. The picture they present of themselves being the whole picture is incorrect, and has devastating effects on people, the quality of life and society.

The body is a machine of sorts. It’s a biological machine or engine. An automobile engine requires fuel for combustion, oil for lubrication, gas lines to deliver the fuel, oil lines and pumps to circulate the lubricant, a carburetor to monitor and direct the fuel into the combustion chambers, spark plugs to explode the gas, computer systems to monitor speed, oil pressure, gas levels and much more. Nobody questions the importance of using good gas, keeping the engine filled with quality oil, maintaining clean filters, patching leaks or keeping it clean. It’s amazing that the human body, which is also a machine, but a much more complicated machine, is viewed entirely in a different manner. Most people take care to ensure their gas is good, clean and free of impurities, yet people eat and drink things everyday filled with toxins which are proven to harm body systems and functioning. The modern medical doctor often thinks and says that concern for decent nutrition is absurd. It’s the doctor who’s absurd! He is truly a veritable moron when he minimizes the sheer importance of quality nutrition. The surgeon, who is among the highest paid of the “doctors”, excels at cutting out various body tissues with a scalpel. This usually occurs when the operation of one or more body systems has failed due to a long-term lack of decent nutrition, exercise and rest. The surgeon is more often than not simply a butcher. That’s what he does by definition. He cuts up meat. And society treats him as of he were something special. Again, he cuts up meat like any butcher. Yes, there is a need for this, but no, there is no sensible reason that this should be such a high-paid, well-respected profession compared to others. With a car, any sensible and honest mechanic will look for the source of the engine trouble and repair that. If automobile mechanics followed the modern medical approach, what follows is an example of what they might do.

Let’s say the engine is running uneven (symptom). It actually has a dirty spark plug (another symptom, and a minor secondary cause). The spark plug became dirty because the plug gap was 1) set to small, 2) the gas being used has been cheap and dirty, and 3) the carburetor was adjusted incorrectly allowing too much oxygen into the fuel mixture causing too much heat in that cylinder. The western medical-oriented mechanic would aim to handle only the symptoms never looking to locate and handle the actual basic causes. He would say, “oh your cylinder is running funny”. Your car has “rough cylinder-itis”. The symptom must be given a fancy name. This makes it sound so much more convincing. The problem or symptom or condition is viewed as a thing in itself, a disease, with little concern for actual causes. This disease or malfunction must be viewed as something that has a life all of it’s own, as a unique thing with it’s own independent and objective existence, with little relationship to anything else, and it is looked at as bad. He would drill another hole in the cylinder, add a second spark plug to compensate for the poor performance of the first spark plug, rewire the distributor cap, all of which would cost plenty of money. This action would weaken the cylinder due to the extra hole drilled in it, opening the door to other problems in the future. The engine would run smoother, but unless the faulty spark plug gaps, the dirty gas, and the air-fuel mixture error were located and repaired, similar or other symptoms and conditions (i.e. new “diseases”) would develop later on. The car might even “appear healthy” for awhile. But 3 or 6 months from now, other problems would develop. Other cylinders would run too hot because the air-fuel mixture was never corrected, and this could “manifest” in new “diseases” such as 1) blackened cylinder walls and corrosive build up which cause the cylinders to experience greatly increased friction (“corrosive-frictional syndrome”), 2) cracked spark plug ceramics (“ceramic dysfunction”), and 3) piston meltdown (“pistonic heat-related failure”). Again, the “medical” auto mechanic would name in excruciating detail and address the conditions or symptoms only, making lots more money for himself, the auto shop, and the parts dealers, while still never correcting the actual true sources of the problem(s). Each of these new mechanical problems would require unique, expensive, but largely superficial solutions, all designed to benefit the “repair industry” and not the consumers. This analogy for the modern medical and the drug industries is very appropriate.

The above medical example portrays a specific case of an overall general tendency that exists on this planet in almost any area of modern western civilization. This is the widespread tendency to fail to address true underlying causes, and instead to concentrate only on surface conditions and superficial manifestations. In other words, true causes are ignored and neglected and symptoms receive the majority of the attention. Of course, failing to address the true reasons for anything cannot result in a legitimate repair or improvement of anything, and in a very real sense this is the actual reason for most failures occurring today on an individual, social, national and planetary level. Of course, addressing symptoms can be very profitable.

If you stepped on a nail and the nail became embedded in your foot and caused an infection, you would expect the doctor to remove the nail. You would not expect the doctor to examine the extent of redness and the swelling of the foot, test the infected tissue for the exact type of infection occurring on the foot, clean the area, bandage it, and send you home with a prescription for antibiotics and orders to stay off the foot until it is healed, leaving the embedded nail in your foot. Imagine: the infection keeps recurring because the source of the problem is still embedded in your body. The doctor simply prescribes stronger and stronger antibiotics to control the infection. And when that doesn’t solve the infection problem, the doctor puts you on a long-term antibiotic treatment and declares you to be handicapped with a chronic infection that prevents you from walking on your foot. You cannot play sports or engage in other outside activities. In addition, you are exposed to the side effects of long-term antibiotic drug use, and the underlying problem of the nail in your foot will still be there when they take you off the medication.

A symptom is simply the body’s way of letting you know that something is wrong. It’s a clue, a red flag. The symptom should not be covered up with a drug. Doing so will keep you from finding out what the body is trying to tell you – what’s really wrong.

This is exactly the situation with modern medicine – the “human body repair industry”. The institutionalized belief system inherent in the modern medical approach dismisses any approach that attempts to address underlying causes instead of symptoms. Look at aspirin. It handles symptoms. It never actually addresses why you have or get headaches, but only suppresses the symptoms. There are many reasons why you may get headaches, but the medical “professional” cares little about these. Your joints ache, but instead of locating what it is that is causing this to happen, the doctor gives you pain killers to “manage” the pain. Pain management is a huge billion dollar a year industry. Alzheimer patients routinely have extremely high levels of aluminum compounds in their brain nerve tissue. People without the “disease” do not. Instead of trying to discover why and where the aluminum comes from, the doctors give many of them psychiatric drugs to keep them calm, and well-behaved. The drugs “cure” nothing. They suppress symptoms. In the case of aluminum, the primary causes are probably 1) cooking with aluminum pot ware, as it’s a fact that cooking in aluminum results in the aluminum “leaching” onto other chemicals and forming toxic chemical compounds, which then get ingested, 2) underarm deodorants which are very high in aluminum compounds, and 3) stomach antacid medications, some of which are very high in aluminum compounds. I could give pages and pages of examples where symptoms are addressed at the complete exclusion of legitimate underlying causes Again, few people reading such material as this can accept and understand it initially, because they have accepted so much utter nonsense for most of their lives that directly conflicts with the truth here and what they have been led to believe.

Who knows what improved levels of health would be available today, if instead of dumping billions of dollars into drug medicine, the money had been invested in researching actual causes of unhealthy conditions? But the bottom line is that investing in these alternative approaches did not and does not enable the same degree of profit. So much for the success of pure unadulterated capitalism and the “business ethic” as far as human health is concerned.

It is really quite ludicrous that the farce known as modern medicine is respected so highly and viewed as “educated”, “professional”, and “state-of-the-art”. It is an illusion that the entire public largely accepts and believes. It continues to exist only because of this reason, that the entire public largely accepts and believes it to be true. Big money keeps the belief structure intact through general public education, government support actions, television, radio, magazines, books, medical associations, and university level medical education. The information you get from the environment around you tends to be the information you believe, especially when it also tends to be the only information available.

The reality of “modern medicine” is a contrived fantasy, an illusion, and a false view parading as “truth”. Sadly, this is also true for many other areas of “modern” civilization and society. It is doubtful that all this is the result of any grand conspiracy, but that doesn’t change or minimize the harmful results.

Attacking the Negative, Eradicating the Undesirable

I will make a small digression here because this is paramount to a better understanding of what is going on in today’s world. Most major subjects or fields today do not involve the creation of any positive thing, but almost always attack, destroy, annihilate or inhibit negative things as solutions to their respective problems. This is a key and basic tendency applied in almost all areas of modern activity. It is also a key tendency throughout human history. It is a basic, largely unconscious, approach most people and groups use to address “problems” today. A few examples are:

1) Governments largely do not concern themselves with creating or building an honest, productive workable society, but instead they concern themselves with attacking crime, handling dissidents, catching tax evaders, or inhibiting disorder. This is their usual solution to bringing about peace and order (both dumb goals in themselves but typical for the modern social planners). It generally involves stopping bad things from occurring instead of encouraging good things to exist. This mindset falsely imagines that if one were to take away all the bad, then good would naturally be left. This isn’t the way it is and it never will be that way. The only good and decent things that exist anywhere exist only because somebody at some time actively created these things.

2) The military is always used to stop, control or destroy enemies. How any military functions is the epitome of this tendency. Police, as an activity that concentrates also on stopping or eradicating what it perceives to be bad or unwanted, also functions primarily in this way. Modern medicine views disease in the much the same way. It views the symptoms as enemies, and either cuts them out or drugs them into submission. Cancer treatments all brutally attack the cancer, and often leave the immune system very weakened or destroyed. Many cancer patients, having received modern official cancer treatments often eventually succumb to pneumonia because their immune system is so horribly weakened from the attacks on their body from the cancer treatments. Modern official cancer treatments attack the entire biological organism, with the hope that the cancer dies before the patient. A better treatment, or at least a necessary additional approach, would be to also effectively rebuild and strengthen the immune system. That is often what alternative approaches propose, yet they are often ridiculed by the medical establishment. Again, the cancer industry is big business, largely involving major drug companies.

A capable government, with decency, understanding and an ability to communicate honestly (which doesn’t exist anywhere on Earth now), would discuss problems with its neighbors, with a desire to isolate true sources of their conflicts. Then they would address the actual sources and resolve the true underlying causes of their conflicts. Obviously, this is an oversimplification, but the point is that attacking of the negative or suppressing the undesirable is the common modern (and historical) approach to handling international, national, social and individual problems. The aim is almost never to create a desirable condition, but to eradicate an unwanted one. It is assumed that removing the negative somehow brings about the positive. But this isn’t so. The positive must be created. This one-sided approach of attacking the negative has its flaws, and a general unworkability. Destroying and creating are two entirely different things, in theory, in practice, and in results achieved. Removing immorality doesn’t result in morality. Suppressing crime doesn’t create a safe society. Removing illness does not necessarily bring about health. Penalizing lack of responsibility doesn’t bring about responsibility. All good things must be created as a positive, and not only attacked as a negative.

But with governments there is also another problem. They often do not want anyone knowing what their true motives are and so are incapable of entering into honest discussions about actual causes. The US government talks endlessly about “spreading democracy”, when in fact, the only thing spreading are the major corporations which largely control the US government. It is impossible for them to enter into honest discussions, because they promote the notion of “democracy” as a cover for their true underlying motives. These true motives are the consolidation and expansion of control by the top major financial powers on the planet.

3) Modern behavior modification techniques exhibit this. The theories and methods aim primarily to spot, name and eradicate unwanted behaviors. Again, any actual sources to the undesirable behavior are largely ignored or invented, and the symptoms (behaviors) are addressed with an aim to get rid of them. Ritalin is given to suppress the hyperactive child’s unwanted behaviors, instead of attempting to locate underlying physical or emotional sources that, if corrected, could often handle the unwanted behaviors by allowing the natural health and natural desirable behaviors to surface. Factually, many hyperactive symptoms have disappeared in children when their diets or environments have been altered, thereby removing sugar, allergens or chemical toxins. But to the psychologists, psychiatrists and teachers (who have been educated into these crazy psychiatric notions), it’s all “brain illnesses”. The drugs act further to harm the child’s mind and body. Most psychiatrists dismiss nutritional approaches as “unscientific” and “absurd”. Theirs is the true stupidity and extreme one-sidedness parading itself as “educated”, “intelligent” and “professional”. While they may be “educated”, they are often, in fact, total idiots. They are truly stupid people. Allowing them to exist, as “professionals” is a burden we all must bear, because the only true thing they excel at is harming people, their minds and society. Their “intelligence” is a complete farce. That many of us have been suckered into accepting their ideas, and also hold the same beliefs and attitudes makes this no less true.

4) Psychiatry demonstrates this quite clearly. Psychiatrists name and label numerous “conditions” which people experience. Again, these names are “packages of symptoms” of some sort. They then call these packages of symptoms “diseases” or “mental illnesses” (while most of them are not). Most of these conditions are problems people have with their own mind and life. Instead of ever trying to locate a source for the uncomfortable condition or unwanted symptoms, the psychiatrists “attack” them with surgery (lobotomy), electric shock, or drugs, each of which acts to overwhelm the patient’s mind, behavior and condition. The psychiatric “treatments” actually act to push any true mental and emotional problem sources further into the background, making them much more difficult to address at a later time with a more legitimate approach such as therapy, counseling, family, support groups, or religion. Also, a person can and should be responsible for their own mind and emotions. Telling them they have a “disease” which is “not their fault” implies to them first, that they are somehow disabled, and second, that there is nothing they can do except take their drugs or receive their shock treatments. This is all very good for the drug businesses and psychiatrists, but not very good for their patients or society.

5) As an historical example, take the Spanish Inquisition. The Priests and Church wanted “holiness” and “Godliness” to reign throughout the land. Instead of creating it through communication and understanding, they instead concentrated upon the deviations from “holiness”, and attacked heresy through extensive arrests, tribunals, court trials, torture and even public murder (burning at the stake, etc.). Of course, it’s quite impossible to educate sane and observant people into a crazy belief system, and the only available avenue is oppression and force. There are many similar examples throughout history. Nazi Germany, following popular genetic theories, attempted to perfect Man and bring about the “Ubermensch” (Nietzche’s “superman”) by sterilizing people with low IQs, and eradicating “poor human stock”. Again, they didn’t try to locate the positive of what makes Man great, and build upon it, but instead tried to destroy what they imagined inhibited man’s greatness. They basically assumed that if all the bad human traits were removed, then only the good traits would be left. What they completely missed is that the good always must be actively created. They basically had a noble idea with a brutally evil means toward reaching their conceived end.

The above examples are actually all cases of applying force against something with the aim to get rid of it. The attitude is one of stomping things out of existence. Sadly, this is the status quo approach on Earth for handling just about anything. This is always less effective and produces less lasting results than the opposite approach of creating or building something positive. Later, more will be said about the use of force to suppress things, and why it occurs.

The above examples exhibit a few of the many ways that Man and his institutions have tended to attack the negative instead of encouraging and bringing about the positive. Part of the problem here is that things are generally attacked that are viewed as or agreed to be bad, harmful or evil. Too often the things in themselves are not anything really, and the problem is that certain people fixate on these things to the neglect of creating and maintaining positive things. Numerous examples can be found in personal relationships involving family, sexuality, jobs and friendship. People chronically point out, criticize and attack what someone does wrong, and too often do little to actually help or bring about the positive condition they seem to insinuate they desire in the other(s). Mommy yells at little Billy for touching things in the store, yet fails to sensibly communicate to him why he should not touch things that are not his own. The husband yells at and beats his wife when caught cheating with a neighbor instead of discussing the problems they each have, how to handle these, and both working towards and becoming people capable of creating a worthwhile relationship and family.

Nothing exists if it is not positively created. Knocking down or destroying unwanted things does not result in the positive thing desired.

This tendency to destroy, as some sort of universal solution to any and all problems, exists in most areas of human involvement. It is largely unsuccessful, produces unanticipated results, and most often ends in failure or worsened situations. Any observant person can easily discover many more examples, both in the past and present. They are everywhere in abundance.


Whatever has attention placed upon it has a tendency to persist and perpetuate for the person or people placing the attention. If you place attention on positive things, encourage them, and attempt to build, that which is receiving the attention has a tendency to come about. Conversely, if attention is placed upon the negative such as disease, “mental disorders”, crime or immorality, even with the intention to stop it or inhibit it, it tends to also persist and perpetuate, because it is receiving the attention. This is another reason why attempting to destroy things tends to fail. The attention upon the undesirable thing acts to make it persist. This is an observable fact. Understanding this requires looking and being honest with what one finds through one’s own observation. You will never deduce this by “thinking”, logic or reasoning. “Thinking” is primarily playing with concepts in your head, whereas as “looking” is simply observing what is. Of course, most people “think” so much, and “think” so chronically every second of every day, that they are quite incapable of calmly setting anywhere and accurately observing what is sitting there right in front of them.

Materialism, Modernism, and Science

While this previously mentioned situation of indoctrination into any time period’s limited and unique set of views does exist for all people, at all places and in all times, it exists in a unique way for the “educated”, and especially for the “highly educated” people. This presents an interesting situation where the graduates of the “best” schools are considered to be the smartest, brightest, and end up as leaders of government, medicine and industry, but who also ironically suffer from the greatest inability to break out of whatever the current professional and cultural framework is. True, part of their unwillingness or inability to question their own beliefs stem from the basic profit motive. They benefit financially, personally and socially by believing and practicing what they do. But they also usually believe it too. This becomes very important when certain views, ideas and beliefs are incomplete, biased, wrong or harmful to people and society. This situation exists today, in many areas, at the beginning of a new millennium.

Today the general cultural and professional framework is “humanism”, “materialism” and “science”. Everybody “believes” it, has been indoctrinated into it, but especially the “elite”, “very rich” and “highly educated” endlessly promote it and adamantly believe it. When I say “science” I do not mean the “scientific method”, which is an intelligent way to determine the validity of anything. The word “science” refers here to the various disciplines and fields which have arisen from the purported use of the “scientific method” in the social sciences such as psychology, psychiatry, sociology, economics, and politics. People have an almost mystical connotation attached to the word “science”. It is not dissimilar to the religious feeling of faith. It seems to explain all manner of things to most people, while generally they don’t have the slightest understanding of what makes something “scientific” (i.e. based upon the strict application of the scientific method involving proper theorizing, testing, model making, observation of results, adjustment of theories, and so on). The currently established results of supposed science in the social sciences such as psychiatry and sociology, while having very little to do with any honest scientific method and filled with incorrect basic axioms, opinions, and biases, are accepted as part of modern “science”, and anything falling outside of their strictly defined domains are viewed as “not science”, “quackery”, “weird” or plain “wrong”. Smart advertisers attempt to attach the idea of “science” or “scientific” to their products and ad campaigns because they know how most people unconsciously favor anything presented as “scientific” (whether it truly is or isn’t).

In this essay I will attempt to show that these “modern” ideas and views about reality are no superior to any other worldview that has existed at any time throughout history, despite the arguments of their proponents. This is not an easy thing to do because people generally are quite rigidly “stuck” in their current worldview of reality. A major characteristic of the people who hold a “worldview” (which we all do in some way and to some degree) is that they are quite unable to view reality from outside their clearly defined and meaningful framework. The person holding the modern worldview believes it completely, can look back in history and can easily discuss the errors of past worldviews, but cannot notice that he or she is also just another “believer” in a similar type worldview. Although differing in content, one’s modern worldview functions in exactly the same way as all those they look back upon and correctly criticize and find fault with.

If you are a college graduate, you are probably thinking that this doesn’t apply to you. Actually, this applies to you completely. And this is even more true for the graduates and Ph.D.s of Harvard, Yale, Brown, Princeton, and so on. Now, if you are a graduate of one of these, then you are probably now smirking, and condescendingly thinking to yourself how incorrect I must be. Please read on, if you have the strength of character, any sense of truth left within you, and the slightest ability to question your own basic views and assumptions about reality.

Ideas versus Reality

The majority of people, especially “intelligent” people, think in terms of unique concepts, specific ideas, and numerous abstractions. That’s fine and as it must be. Everything has a name, or a label; things are categorized into types and generics based upon similarities; perceived differences in quality and quantity enable us to keep things separated from each other (at least in our own minds). Realize this is primarily a “mental” function that we humans as minds apply to reality around us, and has little to do with “reality” itself. The world of abstraction, concepts, ideas and meaning exists only inside of your mind. It has no independent existence anywhere else.

When you call an actual physical tree a “tree”, the word or concept is assumed to “be the tree”, but it is not anything of the sort. In fact you know very little about that tree you might be thinking of or looking at. You have no idea of the number of branches, texture of the leaves, color of the buds, depth of the roots, thickness of the bark, operation of mineral nourishment, photosynthesis and on and on for a tremendous variety of the trees characteristics and functions. You may have ideas about it, but they are vague at best. Even more to the truth, even if I gave you a full day, you would still not “know the tree”. You could strip off bark, slice into stems, dig for roots, observe leaves under a magnifying glass, and count spring buds, but in the end, you wouldn’t have achieved the goal of truly “knowing that tree”. You wouldn’t understand the “pattern” or “active agency” which resides in a seed and acts to manifest as the tree and keeps the tree functioning as tree, just as that specific tree and tree type, and nothing else, throughout its life.

We mainly see and experience things, at an often very superficial level, give them and the various relationships among these things “names” or “labels”, attach personal meaning and significance to these various things, and happily go about our business.

Most people think in terms of symbols and labels for the objects and relationships between the actual objects of reality. They take the “idea” to be the thing and work mentally with these concepts about the things of reality alone, usually paying little attention to how closely these concepts or ideas accurately relate to actual observable things. These concepts are usually far from equal to the actual realities they involve and correspond to. And sadly, most people never actually deal with reality or other people directly because they never can get past dealing with their own unique and generally severely limited “ideas about” reality and other people. Do you get the difference? Its a big difference. People’s ideas about reality (names, labels, concepts, abstractions), and there own personal meanings about all these things, have much more to do with what is going on in life than any actual understanding of the true nature of the various things or some supposed “objective reality”. Add to this the fact that much of what passes as “knowledge” is intentional or unintentional misinformation, and the entire situation becomes very difficult to confront. This requires further explanation to adequately get across an idea of just how wide a gulf exists between “things” and the “ideas about things” which all people connect and attach to these things.

Some examples will serve us well.

1) A man recently had an argument with his wife. He is thinking continuously about how rotten she is, how she cheated on him, how she is so uncaring, and what he plans to say to her. He has all these “ideas” going round and round in his head. He never really looks at or understands her. In fact, he never has in the four years he has been with her. He understands and thinks with his “ideas” about her, or how he conceives her to be. True, there is some relationship between what he thinks her to be and what she is and does, but there is also much which is purely of the nature of “ideas” about her that are vague, generalized, exaggerated, and also just incorrect. There is a huge gulf between the two, what she really is and what his ideas are of her. So when he gets home, he yells and verbally attacks her, and still never looks at or sees “her”. He sees her through his own unique set of ideas of what he conceives her to be and what he imagines she should be. Its like his ideas, concepts, beliefs, and notions (i.e. his general viewpoint) act as a filter to his perception and experience, only allowing him to see and experience a small aspect of her (which may not even be a true aspect at all). We all have this going on to some degree about everything we live, see and experience.

2) A college student is studying basic electrical circuits. He has read all about “current”, “voltage” and “resistance”. In a lab experiment he sets up a simple circuit with a battery, some wire, and a resistor (an electrical component which inhibits electrical current flow). When he connects it all together, he takes some readings using a voltmeter, ammeter and ohmmeter. He then sees how the voltage, current and resistance are all related. He smiles with his new understanding of electricity. What is really going on here? He never “saw” a voltage, or a current or an electrical resistance. He never touched or heard any of these. Even today, nobody really knows what electricity is. Theories continue to change, but always, and at any time, these are just theories about phenomena of perception and experience. Some people think we, as a civilization, are moving “forward” and “advancing” the theories about the world around us, are getting “closer and closer to the truth” about electricity, energy and reality. That’s wrong. That’s totally wrong. There is rarely any advancement. There is only change and differences in human concepts and notions about reality. What there is actually is just another theory, and it is no better and no worse. It is simply just an alternative mental construct, set of ideas, concepts, or notions. Over the past 10,000 years the entire universe has stayed basically and exactly the same. The only change has been man’s ideas about it. The world here on Earth, including the form of civilization, has changed only according to Man’s ideas about himself and the world.

The idea about the thing can never and will never be the thing itself! All ideas and concepts must, of necessity, fall short of the thing itself. The only way to truly understand something or to truly know something is to be it, and to be it completely.

Geniuses such as Einstein or DaVinci probably had their moments of “becoming” the object(s) of their contemplation. They, for a moment, saw it all in an instantaneous flash of total understanding, and thereafter spent thousands of hours trying to put into words and communicate to others what they had seen in that brief moment of illumination. Einstein probably was a photon, speeding through space at the speed of light, feeling space bend as he neared large suns, experiencing catastrophic amounts of electrons changing potentials and bursting free as mass converted to energy. It is interesting to note that religious mystics undergo the same problem when they attempt to communicate what they experienced when they “became one with the universe”, “one with God”, or “one with their Self” (not much difference between these actually…). Possibly, instead of spending all their time trying to communicate what they saw and experienced, they might better have spent their time teaching others how to gain the ability of “being” other things, relationships and energies at will. Although, most likely few ever realized that this is what occurred in the first place. People could then “understand” by their own personal direct experience. This would solve many problems with communication. Of course, if we could all do that sort of thing all of the time then there would be no use for communication or much of anything else.

3) Maggie is walking home from school thinking about how her Grandma promised to make a cake with her after school today. She imagines getting the eggs, cracking them into a bowl, pouring in the milk, adding the sugar, mixing it all up, pouring it into a mold, and finally placing it in the oven. There is much activity occurring in little Maggie’s mind. We all have extensive activity occurring within our minds. For all of us, to some degree, these various thoughts, ideas, notions and imaginings are mostly pale reflections, in vividness, detail and continuity, of past, present or future external realities. Memories are remembered, the present is considered, the future is decided upon, feared or looked forward to. Sometimes these are detailed, but more often than not, these are part verbal (i.e. mental talking to oneself using the symbolic labels we each have given everything we find around us) and part faint imagery. All of this is continually parading itself across the landscape of our inner mental space. It is an interesting exercise for anyone to try to spend 10 minutes a day for a week or two attempting to quietly observe, without interfering, the nature and content of one’s own mind. Obviously, what I am discussing here is something different than intellectual mental “concepts” and “abstractions”, and falls more under the realm of imagination and fantasy. While this is true, my point is to get the reader to view in another way just how an “idea” or “thing of the mind” is not the thing it refers to, and often is of much less quality, quantity, character, detail and vividness than the objects and relationships of external reality the ideas correspond to or are supposed to describe and define. Maggie may not be thinking in words or language at all, and may be simply picturing out the entire anticipated event. This can be totally devoid of conceptualization as an intellectual process of thinking with ideas.

What any human mind does do completely though is attach meaning, significance and purpose to everything it finds around itself and involves itself with. There is no meaning outside of any individual’s own creation of it. The creation of meaning and the attachment of significance to aspects of one’s life, and inner and external reality is a function of a mind. Only a mind attaches meaning. Meaning doesn’t reside in anything “out there”. It is bestowed upon things by conscious thinking entities alone whether the object of the bestowing be one’s personal hobby, business, family, friends, club, government, cite, county, state, country, investments, goals or religion. This may seem heretical to some who are strongly religious, but even if God, Christ, Buddha or Mohammed is ultimately the most vital and real thing in the universe, this is meaningless unless a specific individual mind considers it to be so.

Meaning is created and given to things by Man alone. Only conscious, aware beings do this. Attaching or bestowing meaning is a function of consciousness. It is a function of an aware mind. It is not a physical or biological process. Human beings should learn to begin paying attention to what he or she believes in, and attaches purpose and meaning to. It is not all accidental, fixed, environmentally determined or a matter of natural personal genetics or social evolution. We each have a choice and it is our own complete personal decision alone what we decide is important, and should receive our meaning and purpose. The idea of “values”, what we each value as important, valid, desirable, right and wrong, comes into play here, and the establishing and maintaining of values is another function of a mind. Ideally, one’s choice of meaning and value is a conscious and self-determined activity. This is often difficult though, because there are so many forces about us attempting to sell us on their own unique set of beliefs, purposes, meaning, values and opinions. Also, there are only a limited number of pre-packaged belief systems (interconnecting and reasonably consistent systems of meaning, belief and concepts) generally available for the public’s acceptance at any time and place within any extant reality (such as any fixed location on Earth).

4) Exercise 1:

Purpose: To get an “feel for”, direct experience of, or awareness of the difference between being or knowing something and thinking or knowing about it with concepts and ideas.

Details: Choose any simple object such as a glass, cup, key, wrench, cigarette, etc. You can choose anything but keep it fairly simple and small. Look at it for a few seconds. Consider its size, shape, color, weight, location and texture. Think about these things. Consider its similarity to other similar objets of the same type. Think about these similarities for a few moments. Consider how it is different from other objects in the area. Think about these things.

Spend a few moments thinking about how your “ideas” about it are actually ideas only and not the thing itself.

Now, simply sit there, look at the object, and perceive it. Allow it to fill your attention. Wallow in it to the exclusion of all else. Just look at it. See it. Perceive it. If thoughts intrude upon your awareness, either thoughts about the object or entirely different thoughts, gently stop them by withdrawing your contribution to the thoughts. Don’t resist, fight or try to force the thoughts to stop. Comfortably cease having the thoughts and continue to be there with the object. Allow the object to pervade your attention to the exclusion of all else. Perceiving, observing and looking are very different from thinking and conceptualizing.

If you do this for awhile, or even for a number of days in a row, you will come to have a better understanding of the difference between “ideas about things” and the actual “things”. There is a huge difference. You won’t ever truly understand this through talking about it, thinking about it, or imagining about it. Only direct personal experience can supply the awareness of the difference. In this exercise you must use your attention and awareness, both sadly under used commodities, and not your ability to think or conceptualize. These are very different things. There is a limitation with all words, concepts, discussions, book reading, and intellectual endeavors. While these do all have their place and purpose, and we couldn’t really get along without them, these do not and cannot ever impart complete understanding of anything. If the reading, thinking or discussing doesn’t encourage and prompt you to look and perceive actualities out in the world around you or in your inner world, then they are really useless. While this is completely true, it is not taught, much less even mentioned in a practical way, within the confines of what passes as “modern education”. “Reason” and “thinking” reign supreme in official modern academia. These two things are only parts of any mind, and lower in function than awareness, knowing and looking. Reason and thinking both involve concepts and ideas only. It largely involves playing with significances about things, with the thinker rarely realizing that the concepts and ideas never are or can equal the things they supposedly refer to. The concepts and ideas can approach the thing or relationship they refer to, but for most people, most of the time, the gulf between the two is tremendous.

Any philosophy student, or professor, would gain much by honestly doing these exercises, as he would come to a better personal understanding of the difference between thought and reality, and their relationship. Numerous philosophy courses, book learning, and intellectual gymnastics cannot supplant direct experience. The intellect has its value and use, and it is beneficial to exercise the intellectual muscle. Subjects such as logic, mathematics and philosophy are great for this, but most people involved in these subjects take them much too seriously, and don’t realize they are simply playing mental games with words, significance and meaning. Most philosophers forever remain mental and intellectual, and never figure out or know there are ways to directly experience all they argue about and pontificate over. Of course, if they did this they would all be out of a job. No one would take them seriously, and considering the results of most modern philosophy this would probably not be such a serious loss.

This is the value of certain techniques of Yoga, meditation, Scientology, visualization and even practical magic. They can deliver direct experiences and the resultant knowledge doesn’t depend upon words, intellectual concepts or ideas. Some of these methods actually address entirely different aspects and functions of the human mind, aspects and functions that are completely ignored by the extant western subjects of psychology. Sadly, too often these subjects are tied up with various religious ideas and metaphysical absurdities that are, in fact, not necessary to an understanding or application of the basic ideas, and this tendency alienates many people before they ever have a chance to get started with these subjects.

Exercise 2:

Purpose: To get a further distinction between mental ideas and actual things.

Details: Choose a sign with a written word on it, or write a word on a piece of paper. Do the same exercise as explained above. When you reach a point where you cease to see any meaning to the words and the letters themselves become nonsensical forms, then you have achieved an experience of the thing separate from your own ideas, significances and notions you have attached to it. Notice that initially when you look at a word or a sign, the interpretation occurs instantly. You may mentally speak the word in your mind or perceive it automatically with whatever meaning the letters or symbol has for you. You do this with everything around you and this involves an incredible number of associations between things and your own personal definitions, meaning and significances relating to these things. If you do this exercise until completion as described, you will have a very good idea of just how much your own ideas contribute to reality, and how little is actually there by itself. This may take 10 minutes, an hour, weeks or months. If you say, “it didn’t work”, it only means that you failed to do it until it did. Those of you who are more intellectual, worship reason, and tend to rigid conceptualizing will have a harder time at this. Reason, intellect, and conceptualizing are necessary, vital, and useful, but they are only part of a much larger picture of what a human mind does and is capable of. Too often, the products of reason are assumed to be all there is. Reason applied to a detailed examination of the physical universe gave us materialism. It’s only a partial understanding utilizing only a partial aspect of any mind.

If you continued down this path, with methods and techniques I haven’t the time to delineate, you could probably reach a point where you could recognize and completely  experience how all reality, as you experience it, in every way, is completely and only dependent on your own viewpoint, notions, and convictions about it. This wouldn’t be an idea, or concept, but a practical experience. It would be above the intellect, actual, true, and not hallucination or imagination. It would probably be termed mystical, but actually is simply the case of you being there without all one’s own personal mental associations about everything you see, have seen and will see. This is the goal of certain techniques of meditation although even these subjects themselves often err by attaching themselves theoretically to ideas of God or cosmic consciousness. This can result in a tremendous personal experience of awe, clarity, expansiveness and understanding. But there is really nothing mystical about it. You would have just suddenly found yourself in direct communication with things without any attached personal meaning or significance to or about these things. This can include your experience of a small pebble, a stick, a leaf, a sun or the physical universe from one end to the other. It can also include the experience of your own mind, awareness, or consciousness separate from all objects and associations with the objects of usual experience. Any thing can be the object of such direct experience or awareness.

The goal is not to forever destroy all meaning and significance in one’s life. This has often been the approach of various Eastern religions, to deny self completely and all one’s personal mental involvement with all inner and outer reality. But doing this can be very therapeutic and can deliver to one a first hand experience and knowledge of how large a part each person’s individual mind plays in the creation and experience of their own personal life and perception of reality. The aim is to enable personal control over one’s own mental activity, a control that is all but non-existent today and has been for the majority of people throughout human history.

5) Ask most people the question, “why do things fall to the ground?”, and they respond, “because of gravity”. But ask them, “what does gravity mean?”, and they tell you, “well, the law that things fall”. The word “gravity” means, to most people, “things fall to the ground when released from a higher position”. The label or term “gravity” is defined as meaning, “things fall to the ground”. FACT: Things fall to the ground because things fall to the ground. That’s really the understanding, derived from direct personal experience, most people have. Gravity has the definition of “things fall to the ground”. The “label” gravity imparts a sense of understanding to many people, which is quite non-existent. People think that making up some invisible force called gravity sufficiently explains why things fall to the ground. To this day nobody anywhere has the slightest clue why things fall. The truth, based upon perception, is that things fall. All else is make believe, theorizing and cute games of imagination. People can even talk about this, thinking they actually are discussing something. In fact, they are only playing with words and meanings. Do you see? The truth is that we each experience things falling to the ground. That is what we truly KNOW. But any explanation or understanding is largely and primarily only in our minds. It’s a concept of something which really explains and perceives little except what we already directly experience – things fall when dropped. Concepts and the actual realities they relate to are rarely equivalent, and more often than not, are quite different.

The educated scientist will argue, “but the real theory of gravity involves mass and the attraction power of large masses”. Maybe he will also someday figure out that however advanced his notions, ultimately it is only an “idea” about something he experiences. There is a true reason why gravity exists, and why everything else exists as it does. I discuss this in detail below.

There are many concepts we all hold about all types of things which actually are only definitions, yet we each believe ourselves to possess “understanding” because we have “named”, “labeled” and “defined” something. In the middle of December In New York City someone says “it’s cold today”, and a friend responds, “of course it is, it’s Winter”. They each think they “understand” something. Winter is defined as a time when it’s cold. Of course it’s cold! Billy falls off his bike and hurts his knees. His mother explains, “oh you just had an accident”, and both Billy and his mother feel better. But “accident” means having something happen which you didn’t plan which usually has bad results. Again, it’s talking and thinking in circles about nothing. And we even get emotional responses from this mental and verbal charade! A man robs the corner store and a group of people discuss how “he is just a criminal”. They all “understand”. But a “thief” is by definition a criminal. Where’s the actual explanation or understanding? I could give hundreds of examples. Life is riddled with this type “thinking”. There can be more in depth understanding of causes, but this is rarely the case. It tends to be very superficial, incomplete and largely arbitrary regarding any individual’s dealing with the objects (or concepts) of life and reality.

6) Racist, oppressive religious activities and domineering nationalistic movements all suffer dramatically from these same problems where reality has little to do with what the members of these groups think about it. The bigot sees thieves in every black person. He never correctly sees that black people, like any people, have the same usual goals as anyone else – happiness, success, peace of mind, love and respect. “Mind” has no color except as it considers color to exist as a thing of importance. The bigot uses all types of “logic”, theories and rationalizing to make “his case” against other races. It is all just so much arbitrary conceptualizing, most of which has nothing to do with observable facts.

The Inquisition Priest believes in God, Satan, demons, possession, witches, and all sorts of absurd notions. He is convinced he is right, and he is going to ensure everyone else follows exactly what he demands. So he declares the heretics, has them tortured or murdered, “saves souls”, and even “feels wonderful” about the great job he is doing cleansing the world of unrepentant sinners. He believes this and so did many others. At the time most people were incapable of “seeing outside of” their current social, religious and cultural framework.

Nazi Germany, about 50 years ago, convinced a large population of a major “educated” European country that Aryans were superior, that certain others were inferior, that it was their duty and right to bring forth the “Ubermensch” (superman), and murdered millions of people in the process. Ironically, much of the German psychiatric theories of genetics, eugenics, and heredity, which provided a good part of the Nazi ideological basis for genocide, exist in modern times under the guise of modern psychiatry. They are also now again leading to human oppression, but in a different and veiled manner.

People always think they are right, and that they themselves, as part of the “modern world”, possess the correct worldview, and are immune to deception and the propagation of faulty views and beliefs. If they don’t consciously think this, they at least unconsciously take it for granted. But it is occurring now, and it’s also just as true, as in the past, that a majority of the ideas believed and promulgated are equally flawed and destructive. This modern view exists under the name “materialism” generally, and under the names psychiatry and modern psychology specifically as relates to Man and his capabilities.

There is MUCH to any person’s ideas and understandings that follow this same pattern. Words, labels and ideas about things impart a false sense of understanding, making an otherwise complex universe appear somewhat ordered and sensible. We do it to the world around us – it doesn’t do it to us. We each have quaint notions, over-simplistic ideas, and exceedingly generalized concepts, which we place upon everything we see and experience. I should give more examples of this because most people have a real difficult time recognizing how and where they do this, and that they do it so often and chronically. But I will leave it up to you to take a look and discover for yourself where your own ideas have much more to do with arbitrary notions than with any actual objective reality. This isn’t necessarily bad, although a casual examination of human history provides many examples of where the results have been bad. Once you realize that it’s pretty much arbitrary what you decide to think and believe, well be daring, and choose wonderful and great ideas to forward and relay to the rest of the world. And don’t accept the mediocre trash that passes daily through the hallowed halls of official academia and the mass media. Dare to break free of the current mold – it’s a stiflingly rigid and lifeless mold.

Of course, also realize if you choose notions which others can’t relate to at all, that they will place you outside of “normal reality” and consider you crazy or at least very eccentric. People react in funny ways when you believe things they can’t get any handle on. Your best bet is to loosen them up a little so they won’t react so badly every time they encounter different ideas and beliefs from their own.

The current world is characterized by a glaringly obvious inability to tolerate different or competitive convictions and beliefs in others. Everybody is frantically trying to sell something to everyone else. Many believe their own notions to be superior, and that everyone else should also hold the same beliefs. This is an interesting gauge of the planet’s level of “spiritual or mental progress”. The “higher” or more “advanced” a person or planet gets, the less they or it cares what other’s think and believe, and the less interest they or it has in demanding that others conform to their own unique ideas, whether these be religious, political, social or otherwise. This is also a general measure of “sanity”.

The universe stays pretty much the same within the framework of human life, and human history, and the only real variations which exist, and which also explain every situation at any time throughout human history, are the variations in individual and group ideas, notions and beliefs. It is Man’s own strongly held beliefs and convictions, about everything and anything, which make the world what it is. It is not, and never has been due to love, God, the Devil, aliens, war, politics, economics, religion, or anything else other than the IDEAS individual people have held about these things. Becoming aware of this inner world of ideas and beliefs, gaining some personal control over it, and encouraging others to do the same would benefit us all. It would strip various manipulators of their power to manage and control mass belief, because more of us would be aware of how belief works – it’s formation, acceptance, change and destruction. For too long Man’s inner beliefs have been controlled by external forces, either by accident or by purposeful design. It’s time for Man to begin controlling his own beliefs and convictions himself. You will have beliefs and convictions regardless; why not take some control and responsibility for them? But doing that first requires a good understanding of the mind and the nature of beliefs and conviction.

Reality – Gradients of Belief

You might believe the Beatles to be the best band of all time, you know it, and so you experience it. You believe you love your wife and so you do. You believe in modern science and so you experience all it’s wonders. You believe in modern psychiatry and thus conceive yourself to suffer from manic-depression, suicidal ideation or a chemical brain imbalance. You believe in a generous God and so you experience Him in all His Glory. Similarly, and in exactly the same way, although it’s much deeper and currently beyond your own personal awareness and control, you believe the entire physical universe to be “out there” just as it is, with all it’s laws and time and space, and so it is for you. And so it is for everybody.

People make the mistake of thinking conviction follows experience. This is only an illusion. They think they live, experience things and then develop ideas about what they experience. This only appears to be true. Actually, experience follows conviction and rigid belief, always and in every case. This is true regarding your own personal experiences of day to day life, as described above, but also applies to anything from your experience of a galaxy right down to the smallest atom. What makes the “external universe” so imposing is that we all, together and in a very similar way, mutually hold the same convictions about this thing we experience called the physical universe. Billions upon billions of conscious entities (i.e. people) are contributing to the notion that it exists and how it exists.

You know when you really feel something is true, whether this be an idea about a friend, a movie, a book, an author, a car, a job, a hobby, or anything. But you also know that you can look back and wonder how you could have ever possibly believed certain things, yet these things were completely “real” to you at some past point. Things are “real” when you believe they are real, or when you agree with them to be so. They are “real” to you, are “true” for you, and “exist” for you. For all practical purposes, these three words mean the same thing in personal experience. But they are all based and dependent upon belief. Most of us can understand this. What most of us can’t understand, and even less experience directly, is that anything “real”, including the entirety and specifics of the physical universe, is experienced as real only because it is believed in, held with unwavering conviction and agreed to be so. The thing which makes something “real” to any person is his degree of belief, acceptance, agreement or conviction in it. Whether this relates to an opinion about something, an idea, or the physical universe itself is just a difference in what is believed in. The unifying principle, common to all realities, whether “external” or “internal”, is that it exists to the degree with which it is believed to exist.

To a Mets baseball fan they are the most real team. He is committed to the notion that they are the “best ” (whether they win or not), and he is familiar with the team members and agrees with information about each of them. He can argue with fans of other teams all day long. He believes them to be the best, he “sees” them as the best, he “perceives” them as the best, and he experiences them as the best. Believing, perceiving, and experiencing occur almost simultaneously. Perception is not really “seeing what is”, but seeing what you “believe to be”. This is “reality” to him because he agrees with and believes it. The Mets are more real to most people than some small minor league team. The minor league team exists just as much as the major league teams, has a similar number of team members, follows the same rules, and plays almost the same number of games per season, but it is not as “real” as the major league team. First, many people simply aren’t aware that they even exist. Second, fewer people have beliefs and notions about minor league teams to the same extent as they do about major league teams. What makes something more “real”, is 1) agreement that it exists, and 2) the more people who consider it to exist in a similar way.

The Catholic Church is more real to most people than, let’s say, Hari Krishnas. Catholicism has more “thereness” than the Hare Krishnas. You might say, “that’s because the Catholic Church has numerous churches, priests, activities and influence”. This is true, but these things are true only because more people agree with the ideas about the Catholic Church and contribute to the idea of the Catholic Church. Without that, there would not be more churches, priests, activities or influence. The existence and reality of anything depends upon 1) agreeing with it, that it’s “there” and that it possesses certain qualities and attributes and 2) the quantity of people agreeing with it. There is nothing you experience which falls outside of these requirements. As an exercise, choose two or three things that are real to you and write out 1) what your concepts are about this thing, and 2) how many people agree with the same thing. Notice that the things which more people agree with seem to have a more lasting and “objective” reality to them. Do the same exercise for two or three things which others consider to be real, but which you don’t fully agree with. You will notice the same things.

You could imagine something as real which nobody else does anywhere. It would be real for you and you would experience it to some degree. As reality gets more “there”, and “objective”, more people join into the co-agreement with the idea., and observable things take form which you experience as separate from yourself. But it’s all only a matter of degree. That which seems the most “there” and enjoys the greatest “objective existence” simply has the most unwavering belief about it by the most people (minds) – this is, of course, the physical universe.

Some people consider Elvis Presley to be the best rock ‘n roll ever produced. It’s not that’s it’s true or false, only that more people consider it so, than let’s say, the idea that the Electric Prunes (a garage band from the 60’s) are the best band or rock act. Truth is what is considered to be true, for the most part. It has very little to do with any “ultimate” or “necessarily accurate” truth. It is actually quite arbitrary. Any “real” basic truth would involve the nature of minds and how they create reality through their own beliefs, convictions and agreements. All else is pretty much temporary and arbitrary. The true source, the ultimate reality, is “in here” and not “out there”. “Out there” exists only because you believe it does – and this belief is so strong, impervious to change, and has been held for so very long that it is near impossible to understand how this can be so. You, as a mind, and what you do to create “reality”, is about the closest you will ever get to an absolute truth.

You can change your ideas about many opinions, but less so about things you really are convinced of or are highly committed to as beliefs. The more you believe, the more you are convinced, and the more “real” it is for you – the more you experience it as “real” – the more it seems to “exist”. Also, the more you believe and are convinced, the more you believe the reality to exist independently of your own notions about it (which isn’t true at all). Your experience of the physical universe is an extreme case of belief and conviction, where you are incapable of altering your agreement with it at will. You believe it to exist entirely independent of your own notions about it. The phenomena of the physical universe is just an extreme example, at one end of an extensive panoramic gradient scale of belief and conviction possibilities. Simply, the physical universe and all it’s laws, time and space, exists because you believe it exists. It has no absolute existence outside yourself (for you). This is true for anything you experience.

What the scientist and philosopher are “discovering” are the basic agreements, beliefs and convictions each person unconsciously holds about it all. Belief, conviction, and agreement are necessary for any reality to exist and be experienced, whether the “coolness” of one’s Porsche, the “care” of one’s mother, the “idealism” of youth, the “beauty” of a statue, the “honesty” of a friend, or the “genius” of a philosopher.

With the Porsche, most of us can understand what is said here, because many of us don’t care at all about or recognize the “coolness” about it. And for those of us who consider a Porsche to be the “greatest” car, we can usually accept that our notion is more of the nature of “an opinion” and has little to do with any inherent “coolness” in the Porsche. The “coolness” isn’t there waiting to be discovered – certain of us simply consider it “cool”. And those of us who do consider this truly experience the “coolness” when we see one. Yes, there is something about the Porsche which elicits this. The style, shape, contour of the lines, and fine engineering. But the concept of style is wrapped up in so many notions and personal conceptual proclivities, which act as “beliefs ” of a sort. Without your notion of something like style, there would be nothing to give this name to. The same is true for the notions of shape, contour and engineering. Without you first believing, agreeing, or considering these also to exist, they would not and could not exist. This can be taken further and further back along a trail of underlying beliefs, convictions and agreements about anything one can experience as reality.

“Style” doesn’t exist “out there” anywhere. It’s a notion of a mind, which has been placed “out there”, and when other minds have been taught the same notion, and agree with it, then they can also experience, perceive, and notice it. People say “she has style”. She has nothing really, except what you and me first, believe to exist as a thing, quality, or characteristic, and second, then attach this unique significance to regarding specific things and situations. This can be examined and said about anything.

Some will argue, “but my mother does care for me”. It exists whether I notice it or not. True, but first, both you and her had to have a clear notion of what “care” and specifically a “mother’s care” meant before either she could exhibit it or you could experience it. It had to be placed into existence as a thing, as a possibility, as a package of actions and tendencies, as a notion, before anyone anywhere could exhibit or experience a “mother’s care”.

You can take the beliefs, agreements, and convictions of existence about anything logically back further and further along a line of some experience until a point is reached where there are no more underlying explanations of belief, agreement, or conviction. At that point it’s pretty much like in Genesis of the Bible, where God said “Let there be Light and there was Light”. In the beginning you simply stated something to exist, by fiat alone, or agreed with someone else’s original statement of existence of something, and when you made the statement of original existence or agreement with another’s statement, so did the thing immediately exist. It is this, and this alone, which is the basic actual source of any person’s total experience of reality, and of the reality itself. Of course, our personal experience seems to deny this, but only because we have each traveled for so long down a road of adding to, altering, denying and rearranging previously existing beliefs, agreements and convictions. It’s as if you started with one stick match, built a small hut, added a room, added another, built a second level, changed the size of another, rearranged a few others, brought in one, then 10, then hundreds, then millions of helpers, and continued along this line for billions of years. You would be hard pressed to recognize the actual development of the now all encompassing and imposing structure. This is a good analogy to what the physical universe now is for each of us. It is also a good analogy to what many other things, which are part of experience, are for each of us.

It’s been a long time since anyone made basic or original statements of existence (i.e. postulates, agreements, beliefs, convictions) which then instantly appeared as directly perceivable realities, and we all agree with already existing things instead of initiating new and previously non-existent realities. But the already existing realities are based upon earlier actions of agreement made by the minds involved with those realities. To take this all the way back implies a few things. First, that thinking minds have been involved with this physical universe as long as it’s been here (otherwise it wouldn’t be here), and second, your own personal notions about all types of things, and there are a very large number of these whether you can verbalize about them or not, have developed over a very long period, not restricted to this lifetime. You can draw from that what you like.

What was true in the examination of the Porsche’s “coolness” or a “mother’s love” is no less true for one’s experience of the physical universe – the “coolness” of snow, the sensation of “velocity”, the texture of “roughness”, the aroma of “sweetness”, the color “red”, the feeling of the “sun’s warmth”, and the perception of the space between where you are and the nearest star all depend upon the same belief, conviction and agreement for them to exist and for you to experience these things. There is no real difference between “subjective” and “objective” except rigidity of belief and conviction. The more people consider something to be true, the more “reality” it has. There is more quantity of belief and conviction contributing to it. With the physical universe it is a case of complete and total conviction by all beings participating in it. That’s why it appears to be so “real”, “so solid”, and so “objective”. But “really”, it’s only just another package of concepts, although one which possesses tremendous allegiance in the form of fixed belief and unwavering conviction by billions upon billions of beings. That’s why it’s so “real”, “there” and “acts as it does”.

And just as you may now love classical music and not understand how you ever could have enjoyed hard rock music, and you can feel and understand the “illusory” and “arbitrary” nature of realities through this noticeable personal difference between past and present musical tastes, so is even the physical universe basically and ultimately an illusion and arbitrary. It is a fixed, solid, and very complex “illusion”, but it is an illusion nonetheless, deriving it’s substance from your and my beliefs alone. It’s true because it is adamantly conceived to be as it is. The highest level truth is you and your beliefs as a conscious being. All else is arbitrary and ultimately subject to change and dissolution – including the physical universe and your relationship to it. The physical universe, in a sense, is an idea which has come to be severely believed, or stated in another way, a complex grouping of concepts which we are each thoroughly convinced about and agree with.

But the underlying fundamental truth beneath it all is youeverything else is what you have come to believe about all manner of things. Reality is based upon what you accept as true, what you believe, and what you assert in a convinced manner. The more rigid the belief, the stronger the conviction, and the greater the degree of acceptance alone determine “how” real it is. There is nothing which falls outside of this mechanism for you or anyone else. In a very exact and strict sense you are the ultimate creator of all you experience – without qualification.

This is what various Eastern religions and philosophies have meant by “all is illusion”. It’s not that it isn’t “there”. It is there. But it’s not there in any necessary or ultimate sense. It is not there in any absolute or objective manner separate and removed from your awareness or consciousness. In fact, it is there for you only because of your awareness. This is another of those things which make much more sense when directly experienced. The above discussion is the true motivation of any religion – to impart this understanding, theoretically and practically to Man. This hasn’t been done often enough successfully, and most religion has degenerated into complex mythologies of belief instead of detailed and accurate studies of the nature of Man and his mind, belief, the creation of reality, and Man’s relationship to reality.

While many people can understand this about their own and other’s opinions and personal likes and dislikes, they fail to allow this idea to apply to the physical universe. They will argue until the end of time that the physical universe is “objective” reality separate and unrelated to their own notions about it. In fact, the materialist will even begin foaming at the mouth in psychotic fits of rage if you press the point. He is a fanatical believer. He agrees much to strongly. He is convinced beyond all convincing. He has all types of “logical” arguments to support his view – but so does any believer. Of course it is real; he believes this more than anything! The problem is that you think you experience it first, and then decide it’s “objective” and “there without your own involvement” following your experience of it. But as already discussed, reality follows belief, and the conviction preceded the existence and experience of it. Once the physical universe is there for you, you can go on pretending you have nothing to do with it’s creation and maintenance, and that’s basically what we all do. Belief and conviction precede reality and it’s experience. Always. Ultimately, it’s only a matter of degree.

1) You think that (agree with the notion that) your wife is beautiful, and so you experience her to be. This is based upon your own personal agreements with what beauty is to you and nothing else. One person looks at a sunset and experiences huge waves of aesthetic intoxication, whereas 10 other people don’t notice it at all. Is the beauty in the sunset or in your perception of it? It’s totally in you. With your wife, you may have believed and experienced almost instantaneously, so you can’t easily separate the two, but the conviction in what makes something beautiful and that she is beautiful did, in fact, precede your experience of her as beautiful. Also, if you allowed yourself to be completely aware of your total cause and participation in making the idea, then you couldn’t “experience” her beauty with such “force” and impact. You must pretend you have nothing to do with it to be the effect of things. If you are constantly aware of your own direct participation and cause in what you experience, it tends to lose it’s “wallop”. And with sensation, we all seem to enjoy and desire the “wallop”. So we allow ourselves to forget that it’s actually our own beliefs, agreements and convictions which really make it all what it is for us. It’s hard to feel and experience the wonderful fragrance of a rose when you fully realize you created the sensation in the first place, that the awareness of the fragrance can exist entirely independent of the rose, and that you are responsible for the association of the rose with that fragrance. So again, you choose to allow yourself to ignore your actual cause in it all so you can experience. So it is with everything. Obviously, this ultimately leads to the acceptance of personal responsibility for everything you experience.

2) A person believes in God, conceives Him to possess all manner of attributes, prays to Him, and experiences His grandeur, all-pervasiveness and eternity. The person’s concepts of being, cause, power, eternity, love, and existence are all tied up in their notions. Most people can understand this when they look at other religions but are quite incapable of seeing how this applies to their own, because of necessity, with religion, one must hold the idea that their God exists independently of one’s own beliefs for it to have true meaning for them. But, regardless, the psychological basis is the same as anything else – one believes, agrees, is convinced, and thereby experiences the “reality”. In the case of religion, the conviction is stronger, and therefore the reality is more “fixed”, and considered to be “objective” and unrelated to one’s own ideas about it. This doesn’t say there may not be gods, God, or beings with supernatural abilities, but it does raise the question of exactly who made who.

3) The physical universe is the logical extreme of this process, where belief and conviction are so strong, that the “reality” truly appears to be completely independent and is also experienced as completely independent. But in actual fact, it is due solely to the same process of conviction preceding experience. It is only and completely because you consider it to be so. The more firmly you are convinced or believe, the more “real”, permanent, and “objective” something appears, and the less you are able to willingly change your opinions about it, because you have given it the power of a “separate existence” through your own extremely rigid and unwavering convictions about it. You have handed the power over to anything which seems to have power over you through your own notions, beliefs, and convictions about it, both good or bad.

This, while far from a complete picture, is the true nature of reality and your relationship to it. It is ALL based upon you, and nothing which is for you ever had a source other than your own awareness, thought, belief, conviction and agreement. In effect, your are ultimately responsible for everything you experience, because you are the only one responsible for the creation of your own strict beliefs and convictions.

That’s why we all must watch what we take for granted, accept as true, and believe “in”. Instead of looking around and searching for something to “believe in”, simply decide to believe something – reality will follow accordingly. That’s why techniques such as visualization and positive thinking often work. You initiate and build a new object of belief, and when convinced about it, it tends to “manifest” and realize itself. The techniques of visualization supply the steps to take one from the old beliefs and agreements to a new, and more desirable set of beliefs and agreements.

Man, through his own deep seated convictions created and creates the entire physical universe moment by moment. Man’s mind, and what all minds do, are the true source of anything, good or bad. Materialism has passed the power over into the hands of the result of Man’s own creation, material reality, while also denying completely Man’s primary role and responsibility for everything and anything. The physical universe exists due to Man’s ideas about it. It’s actually a creation of his own, yet he has bestowed upon this creation an undeserved existence and power over himself. Materialism, as a belief system, has gone so far as to even remove Man and his mind completely from the equation of cause, purpose, and responsibility for anything, including his own life.

In a very real sense the entire physical universe exists as it does for you only because of your own unbendable and unconscious convictions about it. There is much more truth “in you” than “out there”, and “out there” exists much more because of you than due to any “objective” existence of external reality. That’s why all the efforts of scientists and philosophers can seem a bit ludicrous. They are endlessly attempting to tear apart the physical universe or the universe of meaning in an attempt to discover “truth”. But in the end, those things only exist “in” you and me and solely because of what you and me hold to be true about them. Where’s the truth then? Some advanced nuclear physicists are coming to the same conclusion.

For Man to experience wonderful and decent things, or to create a sane world, he must have some idea of his own participation in the creation of these things. This requires a basic understanding and application of the idea that Man creates reality and experience through belief and conviction. When Man’s mind is denied, and the product of his mind, physical reality, is placed in a senior position, there can only be chaos, confusion and degradation. This is a key result of modern materialism.

Take a painter who paints a glorious masterpiece. He’s the creator.The picture is the created. Everyone sees, admires, adores and appreciates the painting. It is obvious, apparent, “out there” and experiencable. The painter’s potential, ability, and genius are not directly perceivable except through his painting. For all practical puposes, the “painter” is invisible. People place the painting on an alter. They come and look at it daily. They build a roof over it to protect it from the elements. After 20 years it is seen to be fading, so it is treated with special preservation chemicals. A strong storm damages the frame, and people attempt to repair it. A tornado tears off the roof and others come to patch it up. A bomb tears half of the picture away, and others frantically come to locate the pieces and piece it back together. Some few hundred years later many folks still admire, revere and even worship what’s left of the original picture, which is now nothing compared to the original. In fact it’s a severely weathered, altered, damaged and deteriorated hunk of material held together by tape, nails, paint, adhesives and numerous other mechanisms.

The painter happens by one day and wonders what is going on. He is dumbfounded. He looks at the absurdity setting on the alter. He looks at the them and asks, “Why didn’t you call me – I would have painted another . . .”. The crowd turns away back to their painting and ignores him.

The majority of people are hypnotised by the observable physical reality, by the paintings of painters, and by the creations of creators, and they generally ignore and are incapable of noticing, much less seeing the importance, of the “hidden” painters or creators. The “stuff”, the “things”, the “observable physical reality” gets all the attention. In a sense it sucks you in. And you neglect and fail to notice the vital and integral part played by the painters – and we are ALL painters of our own reality and experience. So if you don’t like your life or experience of life, paint a new picture. Stop trying to keep alive and sustain an old and worn out painting. Let it go. Just paint another. That’s where your true power lies – in your mind – you are ultimately a creator of the highest degree. Reality is what it is for you because of you and for no other reason.

Granted, none of us are currently able to willingly change their convictions about the physical universe and have it change or go away as a directly observable personal experience. Possibly various mystics and Indian Yogis have mastered this, and while this may be possible, and seems to be so from an understanding of what is discussed above, I have no personal direct experience of this. But for the purpose of this essay, it is not necessary to understand or accept as true the nature of the physical universe as described above. It is quite all right to conceive the physical universe to be an “objective”, self-existing thing, quite separate from your notions about it. The relationship between the physical universe and Man’s mind is still of great importance, and the modern materialistic tendency to ignore and oppress Man’s mind is occurring regardless of what you understand the physical universe to ultimately be. So, if you found the above confusing, unacceptable, absurd, of to be “bad philosophy”, ignore it and disregard it completely. The information here about Man’s mind stands complete without any metaphysical meanderings about the nature of the physical universe and your actual relationship to it.

Acceptance and Belief

Most of what people think, believe and take to be true is derived from second and third-hand information. It is not based upon direct personal experience. Of course, civilization couldn’t exist and advance very well if every single human being had to start from scratch and learn everything all over again. It is necessary for past experiences, understandings and knowledge to be “packaged” and passed along as ideas and concepts from one generation to the next. But most people never become aware of the difference between second-hand information and actual experience.

This would be fine if the knowledge, information, conclusions and concepts were always valid, accurate, and useful to humanity. This is not always the case. This will be covered more later in this essay.

People have a natural tendency to accept unquestioningly the concepts and ideas they are given. This simply is the way it seems to be. Maybe its because most people are so naturally trusting. Whatever the “reason”, this is how people tend to operate with building their ideas about reality. Ideas can be received through culture, family, discussions, or study. We tend to accept whatever we happen to be presented with by those around us. This is obviously true while one is growing up, but equally true in lower and higher education.

People tend to believe what they see on TV or read in the newspapers. Why? Because it’s there. It is there and it is saying something. So it is accepted. There is no reason to assume what appears in the mass media is true, and often it is either not true, only partially accurate or distorted in some way. But for some strange reason people tend to believe that everything they are told is 100% accurate, honest, the full story and researched with care. Manipulators know this and use it to their benefit. They say whatever they want, whether true or false, good or bad, so long as it gets you to think and do what they desire. They know if something is said and presented with “authority” and an attitude of “this is the way it is” that most people simply accept it.

Factually, the media presents a filtered, edited version of reality at any time – it is often very far from a valid and true presentation of actual facts and events. The meaning of these facts and events is almost always altered in some way. Lastly, the visual media relies largely on presentations with emotional impact. Why? Because some folks figured out a long time ago that ideas are accepted much more readily, and without conscious questioning, when communicated along with content containing highly charged emotions. Emotion bypasses the intellect, reason and understanding. Emotion is a poor vehicle for understanding, thinking and reason are better, and direct observation is the best.

People “think” and deal with the world around them in concepts. All too often, the majority of their dealings with the world, in all its forms, is a mental phenomena of logically relating mental ideas or concepts with other mental ideas and concepts. But ideas can and often have very little to do with the real world of people and things. They could be more accurately matched to specific existing realities, but more often than not they are not. This is due in part to observational laziness, faulty education, and a lack of an understanding of Man and his mind, but also to intentional deception.

Logic and Concepts

Logic systems show this well. Math is one example. Set theory is another. You can know and use addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, and algebra, but few of us ever notice that these are complete mental systems of ideas having nothing to do with any actual external reality. How so?

First, the number 1 refers only to a mental concept. One what? How can there be one without having it refer to a specific thing? There is no “one” without a corresponding thing which it refers to anywhere except in our minds. This is true for all numbers. Its a mental game. This is neither good nor bad. It simply is. But we all think we know what “one” means. We do. But it relates to no specific thing anywhere in all of manifested physical reality. We can associate the idea of “one” to “one apple” or “one car” or “one sun”, but the concept does not exist anywhere “out there” – it exists completely in our own mind. The notion of “one” unattached to a specific “one thing” simply does not exist anywhere in the entire universe of matter, energy, space and time. But it does exist in our minds.

Second, zero (0) refers to what? A lack of something or anything. Its the complete lack of quantity. Negation. Null, and total Void. Some say it refers to the absolute nothingness of deep space. Others describe it as the complete motionlessness of energy. But these are simply more ideas. Where does “zero” exist out in the real world of experience. It doesn’t. Its only a mental concept. You can look at an empty place in the sky and say there are “no stars there”. But that empty space never had the notion that there were no stars there. The notion doesn’t exist “out there”. It only exists in a mind. Your mind and my mind.

Third, 1 plus 1 equals 2. Take one orange and place it on the table. Take another one and place it next to the first. Now there are two oranges. Do this for a few other sets of two oranges. The first two oranges don’t equal the second or third two sets of oranges. They are different oranges. Again, the concept of addition is a mental notion only. It is useful, yes, but it says nothing about reality, even though we can choose to relate it to reality. Additionally, what does a grain of sand care whether there are 10 grains of sand or 20 grains of sand in close proximity to it? Counting and addition has meaning because conscious, thinking beings give it meaning. It is truly “all in our heads”.

Forth, equality doesn’t exist anywhere in reality. We say 1 plus 1 “equals” 2. Take two perfectly manufactured German watches and compare them. They look the same, weigh the same, and tell time the same, but they are NOT THE SAME. They are not equal. Even if you could get them completely perfect, which you couldn’t, because the atoms and molecules would be different, among other things, in the end they would occupy different spaces. You can never make them occupy the same space, try as you might. Equality doesn’t exist. But it does in our minds. You can spend the next week trying to find two things “out there” that are truly equal, and you will not be able to. Equality, in reality, doesn’t exist anywhere. It never has and it never will. Again, its a mental notion. If you believe you have found two things which are truly equal, then you have deluded yourself – your ideas have only given you that notion – but the two things in actuality are not and cannot ever be truly “equal”. There are many concepts which don’t exist and never have existed anywhere, and never will, just as with “equality”. But people consider they do just the same. This causes untold trouble when people and groups attempt to force “reality” (i.e. people and society) to conform to their “ideas” about how they imagine people and reality should behave.

Various people and groups promote “social equality” and desire to get all people “equal”. This is an impossibility, and if you notice, it is usually done through some type of force. Chinese and Russian communism systematically murdered millions of people in their attempt to equalize their societies. Again, they tried to eradicate the things which they conceived to act to make people unequal. Get rid of the “rich”, the “intelligentsia”, and “social inequity”. Socialism taxes heavily the productive and gives to the unproductive in an attempt to “equalize” society – all through force – nobody would pay taxes unless there existed a real potential threat of harm against them. It’s all just so much mental dullness, due to taking much too seriously one’s own concepts and opinions. There is nothing wrong with wanting people to be successful and happy, in fact, this is an admirable goal, but forcing them into a controlled “equality” will never do it. Equality does not and cannot exist. It can and does exist in your mind, but it will never exist in any external physical universe situation. NEVER! The best solution for making people happy, successful and productive is to educate them into the nature of their own minds, and apply techniques to expand their mental abilities. No political system or legislation will ever do it. These always deteriorate into examples of enforced mediocrity parading as “fairness”, “equality” and “justice”.

Fifth, where does division or multiplication occur, as we conceive it, in the external world? It doesn’t. It’s completely part of a mental logic system which occurs within each of our minds..

The logic systems of math are consistent and work within the framework of the system, but they refer to nothing “out there” really. The point here is that each of us can, and does have, mental ideas about all manner of things, which, while “logically consistent” and seeming to “make sense” within their own framework, have absolutely nothing (or very little) to do with the reality “out there” of mutually shared experience. They follow the rules and laws as we have defined them. Nothing more and nothing less. This becomes very important further in this essay, especially regarding the modern mythologies of psychology and psychiatry.


Each of us can, and does have, mental ideas about all manner of things, which, while “logically consistent” and seeming to “make sense” within their own framework, have absolutely nothing (or very little) to do with the reality “out there” of mutually shared experience. They follow the rules and laws as we have defined them. Nothing more and nothing less. This becomes very important further in this essay, especially regarding the modern mythologies of psychology and psychiatry.

AbsolutesAbsolutes don’t exist anywhere in experiencable reality. It’s another notion like “one”, “zero” and “equality”. But much of what is presented to you by various social institutions gives you only a choice between one of two things. Science or Religion. Good or bad. Right and wrong. Materialism or spiritualism. Republican or democrat. Communism or capitalism. Black or white. The truth of observable reality is that there are only shades of gray – extremes and simplistic all-encompassing abstractions do not exist.

Whenever you see one side fighting what they conceive to be an opposing side, it is usually a case of faulty thinking or incomplete information. None of you have ever experienced an absolute anything anywhere, although you might have concepts about absolute things, whether religious or scientific, which you understand and believe. But you can and never will be able to point to an observable absolute anywhere. It’s all of the nature of ideas, and that’s why there is so much argument about it. Concepts can be anything, true or false, related or unrelated to any experiencable reality, vague or specific, clear or distorted. Take the term “liberal” or “republican”. What does each mean? That depends on who is doing the listening. When? This year, last year or 10 years ago? What each term means has changed over time. Too often certain people use these terms as slogans with emotional impact to create effects and bring about results they desire (regardless of truth in meaning or actuality). This is true for each side of the spectrum relating to each term. The rest of this discussion sheds more light on the specifics of this.

Physical Sciences versus Social Sciences

When we deal with the physical sciences such as chemistry, physics, mechanics, or electronics, we have constructed models of how we conceive these things to operate. These models are useful and have enabled advances of all types in their respective fields. “Science” is “good” in these cases. But again, keep in mind that the model is NOT the thing itself. The physical sciences have been fairly successful, and the concepts and labels have served a useful purpose. It “works” to a large extent. A scientist can tell you functionally how electricity works, but what it is really is not known.

If a chemist makes a mistake, he learns quickly, because he just blew up his lab and expensive equipment. He adapts his model and changes his theory. If an electronics designer melts a few circuits, in the development of a new microchip, he learns fast, and doesn’t make the same mistake again. This works fine as long as it has been applied to the raw physical universe of matter and energy. It hasn’t worked fine in the social “sciences”. Why?

People are fundamentally “minds”. The nature, functioning and potentials of “mind” are radically dissimilar to matter and energy. A mind interrelates with, uses and controls matter and energy, but it is ultimately NOT matter and energy. This is one of those things you won’t necessarily “get” until you experience it for yourself. You can believe whatever you like, because that is one of the things minds always do, they believe and become convinced of things, but your belief won’t alter for a second the fact that “mind” is radically different from the rest of the external physical universe. As an example, where else out there in the physical universe of matter and energy, amidst all space and time, can you find anything which “believes”, “considers”, “opines” or “attaches significance and meaning”. Only sentient beings do that. Minds do that. No rock, brick, bolt of lightning, pulsar, photon, sun, or galaxy ever has or ever will do that. This is a tremendously important distinction which has been lost to most modern fields of study relating to Man and his activities.

There is nothing anywhere which is pure matter or energy which has the capabilities or functions of a conscious mind. In fact, your body doesn’t do it either – your mind does it – YOU do it. It would benefit the reader to spend some time considering this. Look around and notice where “beliefs”, “ideas” and “meaning” comes from. They come from living conscious beings. Look around more and try to find the formation of a belief or meaning anywhere in the material universe outside of a thinking entity – you won’t find it. Keep it to your own personal observation and try to remain honest. “Universal Mind”, “Cosmic Consciousness”, “Oneness”, “Spiritual Unity” and other metaphysical notions have nothing to do with this discussion. The thing I am indicating refers only to Man’s individual mind, a thing we can all easily observe and become aware of.

It is meaningless whether “thought” is due to chemical reactions in a brain (which it isn’t) or to capabilities all it’s own. Functionally, a mind operates very differently than any observable material thing or phenomena. It does different things entirely. Psychology and psychiatry, the “modern sciences of the mind”, have failed completely to address, delineate, categorize and develop techniques to increase one’s awareness of and capabilities of a mind. Psychology, by definition, should be a study of the mind. It isn’t anything of the sort within the modern subject. This discussion has much more to do with a valid subject of psychology than either of the modern subjects, which basically ignore the mind.

Of course, an aware being could theoretically attach itself to a tree, forest, sun, star or planet, and conceive itself to be this thing, just as we each conceive ourselves to be a human body, and this might prompt a New Ager to proclaim, “see, the sun has feelings”, “the Earth has a purpose”, or “the universe is sentient”. But the situation is no different. Sentient beings believe themselves to be various things, and experience these things solely due to their total conviction that they are what they conceive themselves to be. The same is true for everything else anyone experiences. There is no purpose, life or meaning in any aspect of the physical universe, of anything for that matter, other than that given to it be you and me. This may sound like humanism or pragmatism, but what I propose is very far from the views and practical applications of these two approaches to things. Humanism and pragmatism similarly proclaim man and his ideas as the source of everything, but they at the same time tend to still place the physical universe way above the human mind or minds in importance. They place “experience” above all else and concentrate on your “reactions” to it. They tend to greatly diminish your ultimate role in the creation of all your experience. This has drastic practical consequences.

The major impulse of the modern social sciences is to treat Man (and therefore also his mind) as matter and energy. The psychologist assumes that what is good for weights, fulcrums and acceleration (i.e. mechanics – a branch of physics) is also good for human beings. Whoops! I am afraid not. Not at all. The psychiatrist assumes that what is good for arthritis and digestive disorders (physical medicine) is also good for “mental disorders”. Whoops again. Its just not so. The social planner assumes that what is good for nuclear physics is also good for populations. Once again, whoops! Its not so. And all the college courses, Ph.D.s, psychiatric associations, psychological societies, humanist organizations, behaviorists, geneticists and philosophizing won’t make it so.

You can believe whatever you choose, but some things remain true regardless of what you believe or how you conceive them to be. This is one of those things.

Universes and Reality

The world “out there”, external reality, is a mutually shared universe of common experience. It is the lowest common denominator of all our experience. It is the mediocre minimum which we all take for granted and it supplies us with a common field of action. That is all it is. Your realm of personal “mind” is another sort of universe. You experience it every second of every day. From here comes any and all meaning about anything in the “outer” universe. The functions of attention, concentration, imagination, responsibility, belief, conviction, intention, decision, purpose, reason, intellect, and more solely reside within your own personal “mind”. These are qualities of any mind. The “amount” of each and control we each have over these various functions varies from person to person, and even within ourselves from day to day. But they are there in each of us in some form and to some degree. You may be influenced by the external world of common experience, but this inner universe exists, is very real, and is ultimately of more value than anything “out there”. Why? Because what happens “out there” depends completely on what you do (or what “happens”) with your own mind. In fact, your own inner universe is the only thing capable anywhere of choosing and deciding value. The world of external events takes shape in exact accordance with the sum total of all Man’s inner beliefs, conviction, ideas, meanings, thoughts, desires, etc.

It is vital to get some grasp of this because Man’s inner world , or universe of thought, is very much ignored by all current popular belief systems. This inner universe is the important universe and it has been systematically ignored and suppressed by current materialistic notions. The popularization and use of modern psychological and psychiatric theories are the worse example of this. When Man’s inner universe is destroyed systematically through institutionalized belief systems, Man can only finally become a pale shadow of raw matter and energy – which in itself is dead, meaningless and devoid of all life.

Modern materialism has exaggerated the importance and power of the external universe over the inner universe of Man’s mind. Behaviorism talks ad naseam about the effect of the environment on people. The environment (external reality) is placed in a superior position above the individual person (mind). People involve themselves in and dissect the physical universe in a futile attempt to gain “understanding”. They think the answers lie outside themselves. Again, all meaning, purpose and value for anything, is determined by your mind and for you, by your mind alone. You are the most truth you will ever know about anything as you are the ONLY source of truth for everything you experience. In the end, whatever you end up believing “in” or “about” is fundamentally an action of your own mind to attach meaning and significance to something. It’s an action of an individual mind.

You are the complete source of meaning for you. You might explain, “I believe this because it’s so true, and it makes me feel good, and blah-blah-blah…”, and you may attribute your choice to all manner of reasoning about ideas, external events and situations, but in the end YOU SIMPLY DECIDE TO BELIEVE and EXPERIENCE MEANING solely by your own mental actions. We all tend to take our cues from external events, and our beliefs often follow reactions to events, but this isn’t necessary. The function of believing and developing conviction could be separate from one’s experiences of external reality, and if you suddenly found yourself in some other reality, on some other world, somewhere else, you would simply begin responding to the external events there, and develop new beliefs accordingly. This is as true for science as it is for religion. It is true for everything. Ultimately, nothing is true unless you believe it to be so. And for you, it then is. But you are the source of the meaning – the source is not anything you conceive yourself to experience “out there”, whether an observable “thing” or an “idea”.

The purpose of pointing this out is not to make you feel as if all is useless and meaningless, although this will be the result as long as you look for meaning outside yourself and fail to acknowledge your own direct participation in the creation of belief, conviction and meaning for your own personal experience. It’s up to you to choose grand beliefs, wondrous convictions, noble purposes and lofty ideals. Then recognizing yourself as the final source of all your meaning, belief and conviction will not degrade into apathy and lack of meaning. Most people search “out there” to find something to “believe in”, and to give their life meaning, but in the end, it is your own action of establishing belief which underlies any choice or decision. Again, what you accept to believe need not correspond to any pre-packaged theory, concept or philosophy, whether scientific, philosophical or religious, but we all tend to take for granted that the existing options presented to us are the only possibilities available. But this is difficult to do in a world where Man’s inner world and all it does is so casually and persistently denied. It is also difficult to do when so many external forces attempt to sell you on their own specific set of opinions and beliefs. Everybody is trying to get you to accept their patterns of belief and systems of meaning.

This is the real battle occurring on planet Earth. The winners and losers of this battle are what truly determine the “evolution” of societies and the world. Now, and in the past, most of what is being sold is trash, as it usually denies and oppresses that which is capable of believing and attaching meaning – you and your mind. Your mind and everyone else’s minds are the true source of any quality of life that will ever exist. Solely and completely. Recognition, education into the functions, and empowerment of minds results in success, decency, morality, strength, sanity and greatness. Denial and suppression of these things results in failure, perversions, immorality, weakness, insanity and mediocrity. Materialism as a belief system has the effect of denying these things.


The nature of the physical universe is force. Force between matter and force between energy. People don’t respond well to force. They never have and they never will. People respond to understanding, communication and learning. Understanding, communication and learning are functions of minds. There is nothing in the entire physical universe which extends understanding, initiates communication, grants tolerance, promotes compassion or can learn. At least not like a conscious sentient being can understand and learn. Conscious entities reason, think, initiate action, choose to act morally or immorally, and attach purpose, meaning and “reasons” to everything they see around them and do. No rock, photon, chemical compound, biological organism, or electrical current can or will ever do this. The entirety of the modern social sciences, as they currently exist, directly apply the concepts and approaches derived from an examination of the raw physical universe (modern physical science) to Man and minds, with disastrous results (the modern social “sciences”).

Some may attempt to understand this from the aspect of mind (i.e. behavioral psychology, advertising), but only with an aim at controlling, manipulating, forming and adjusting man’s ideas and behaviors for their own purposes. A loftier goal is to educate Man himself into these things, increase his awareness and ability of the functions of his own mind, and let him get on with creating a better world.

Treating sentient minds as raw matter is a big error. It is a huge error. War is an example of one group using force to overwhelm another group. A mother smacking her child is another example. Electroshock treatment is another example. Taxation is another example, because if you try to not pay you taxes see what happens – you will be arrested and all your possessions will be forcibly taken from you. Burning heretics at the stake or torturing them is another example. What these all have in common is the application of force, or the threat of force, to minds in an attempt to exact compliance to someone’s notions of what you should do, think or say. Force. Its not good for living things. It suppresses and denies self-determinism, creativity and responsibility. That’s partially why socialism and communism can never “work”. Capitalism also can never work though, because while presented as a “free competitive system”, it is actually not this at all – it’s a very small group of extremely wealthy people controlling everything and ensuring they remain in control. Their goal is total control and they use every aspect of modern culture to achieve this aim. This is the true meaning of the term “new world order”.

The modern “science” of behaviorism has its source in the same flawed notions. People are treated like rocks, bricks and “stuff”. If you push on a rock a certain way it will move a certain way. If you heat up a chemical a certain way it will melt or change to a gas in a certain exact way. If you send a current through certain electrical components a certain way, certain exact repeatable results are obtained. The crazy behavioral “scientists” think that if you apply the right force to people in a certain way, then they will “behave” a certain way. And this is true sadly enough because when minds are treated as matter or energy, in the same way utilizing force against them, the power, ability and potential of their minds is reduced and the mind begins to mimic matter and energy. This is not a good thing and it is true only in a degraded and “lower” manner. How?

A healthy, unoppressed human being tends to create and cause the environment to align with his wishes or intentions. He makes things, builds things, and puts things there which weren’t there before (whether that be an opera, book, garden, house, painting, marriage, business, friendship, relationship, club, or whatever). A mind in good shape, and left free of force, creates using whatever is available. But when force is applied to a mind, it deteriorates and begins mimicking matter. What is the nature of matter? It is non-sentient, non-causative and tends to follow strict laws and rules. It responds – it doesn’t initiate. It obeys unquestioningly. If an object is set in motion it tends to stay in motion unless stopped by an opposing force (such as friction or a barrier). Electricity flows when the battery is connected to the circuit and it stops flowing when the battery connection is broken. Matter creates nothing. It builds nothing. It starts nothing. It understands nothing at all.

When Man and his mind are treated in the same way as matter, he falls away from his nature as a creative agent and becomes like a rock – he gets pushed, shoved, forced, ordered, and basically stops doing what he should be doing – creating the world around him. Ideally, this is done responsibly, joyfully, intelligently and sanely. This is quite impossible when Man is treated as matter, “stuff, or an “animal” (stimulus-response methods). Man’s “mind” is a different thing and of a different nature entirely. Modern “materialism” has discarded any notion of Man’s mind. It is irrelevant to this discussion whether man’s mind is part of his “soul” or “spirit”. I am not talking “religion”, “spiritualism” or anything else. Functionally, whatever it’s actual source, Man’s mind exists, is observable to each of us, and possesses qualities and capabilities found nowhere else in all the physical universe. I don’t mean to imply that there may not be other sentient beings in other body types on other planets, or that there may not be other forms of consciousness unattached to specific material forms, only that matter itself does not possess these qualities of mind.

The behavioral scientist, psychologist, psychiatrist, and social planner say they are trying to discover the “laws” of man and societies. So they experiment upon people with drugs, electricity, surgery and social control. The true laws are partially explained in this essay. Man is mind above all else. Man’s mind creates the world in all it’s aspects. There are no natural laws of people and societies except as explained by Man’s mind, it’s capabilities, and what it does. Various studies within the subject of sociology which examine Man’s societies and activities of the past are a complete watse of time if the view is to “figure out Man” and what he is. Man can only be understood by understanding Man’s mind. What it is and what it does. This is not “religious”, “philosophical” or “opinion”. Just look at what minds do, especially your own mind, as that is the only mind you really can know. Minds place attention, desire, intend, create, imagine, think, believe, consider, plan, envision, choose, observe, bestow meaning, agree on purposes, and initiate action. There is more to it, but the basic idea is explained here, and it is radically different from what the modern proponents of materialism propose and enforce on modern man. All they do is enforce upon Man the image of him as an animal, as matter and energy. Their approach is to control him. They have neglected the mind completely, with very negative results. They have removed the “being” from a “human being” and simply have left the animal part – the “human”.

Man is NOT only a biological organism. In fact, this is actually the “smaller” part of what he is. His true nature resides in what we conceive to be “mind”. This is where all his power, ability and greatness reside. It is grossly neglected, ignored and largely forgotten. And it has been suppressed by most religions as well as social institutions throughout history. Buddhism and the Vedic literature of the Hindus have examined Man as mind, and while having practical methods to realize and expand some of these things, they have also largely failed to disseminate it in a way acceptable and useful to Mankind. Much of Eastern religion and philosophy is fundamentally psychology, and not religion. Western thought has misunderstood the actual meanings, partially due to their own tendency to “intellectualize”, but also because the subjects themselves are mired in opinions, Eastern cultural notions, and arbitrary religious connotations.

This is the position modern psychology, psychiatry and social planning has placed modern Man. His mind has been forgotten in favor of genetics, behaviorism and biochemistry. They all depend on force, to some degree and in some form, to get their results. Crime and violence is not rising because of TV. Its rising because Man is viewed as just so many bricks. Morality isn’t deteriorating because of a lack of religion, its because the social planners completely believe Man only needs to be placed into suitable controlled environments to “bring out” the ideal “social Man” (as they conceive this to be). Modern “mental health” isn’t failing because of chemical brain imbalances or “bad genes”, but because psychiatry applies force to minds – physically in the form of involuntary commitment, restraints, straight jackets, and lobotomies, electrically in the form of electric shock treatments, and chemically in the form of drugs.

Social, national and international unrest continue unabated because instead of appealing to understanding, communication, and granting understanding to others (all mind functions), every nation and group in the world uses physical force or deceit (using the mind capabilities incorrectly and dishonestly) to get their messages across and to realize their goals. There is no social, economic or political “system” which can or will make for a decent world utilizing force – and they ALL depend on force. Only the recognition and nurturing of Man and his inherent qualities of “mind” can do this. When Man’s mind is neglected and discarded as unimportant, so disappears decency, responsibility, creativity and respect. Every time someone of some group tries to make you believe what they believe, your right as a free being is denied, because your true capabilities as a conscious entity, able to choose belief and determine meaning for yourself, is ignored. This is violated by most people and groups today, due to a lack of understanding of what Man, as a mind, actually is, and conceiving Man to be something else.

It is impossible to “respect” a rock, a molecule or lightning bolt. You might appreciate or admire it’s organization and subtle arrangement, but notice again, that it is your mind alone which has the capability to admire and appreciate. The qualities of admiration and appreciation (amongst many others) are not inherent in physical things although they can be bestowed upon, identified with or attached to physical things by the action of conscious minds.

The reason I stated in the beginning of this essay that most educated people are “not smart” is because the social sciences are studied, accepted, believed and followed without a second thought. Yes, many of these college students, and Ph.D.s probably got A’s, can discuss all manner of complex topics, and are viewed as “smart” by their fellows. Within their respective subjects and systems of thought, they can remain logically consistent and appear to be “right”. But, they have failed completely to ever honestly compare the reality of people and their own minds with the destructive results of their arbitrary theories and beliefs. Why? Because they learned ideas and concepts, got real good at playing with these ideas and concepts, but never once imagined that their systems of thought were fundamentally flawed.

It’s ironic. Man’s modern mind has conceived systems of thought (materialism, modern psychology, psychiatry), which act to deny the very existence of that which did the conceiving! Man believes things which deny his tendency to create belief. Man is convinced of things which ignore his ability to establish conviction. Man has opinions which act to invalidate the value of his opinions.

Materialism – It’s True Failure

As systems of logic, the social sciences are fine. The notions, ideas, postulates and theories all make sense within their own framework, but the big problem is that the most basic axioms are false. Man is NOT matter or energy at his most basic level – at least he doesn’t function that way when he is in good shape. As anyone knows who has studied logic systems, any system falls apart once the basic axioms are found to be flawed. As I said earlier, if a chemist makes a mistake and blows up his lab, he can adjust his theory, remake his understanding of the laws or rules involved, and not make the same error again. He learns fast, out of necessity.

The same is not true when dealing with people and societies. It takes years and even decades or centuries to realize mistakes have been made. And many people are abused, hurt, and killed along the way. Look at Communism – Karl Marx, Lenin and Stalin believed the ideology of Communism to be “scientific” and based upon “modern scientific social observations”. 70 years and millions of butchered people proved the notion flawed. But what was the cost?

We don’t have the luxury of treating all humanity and his civilizations as giant labs to run social, religious and political experiments in. Plus, in case you haven’t noticed, those who believe all the current social and psychological theories are completely unwilling to entertain even the remotest possibility that their ideas are flawed. Materialism, when applied to human beings, always has devastating results. Look around. Its vividly apparent wherever one looks. There will never be a “good” result where materialism is applied to sentient, conscious beings. There will be greater enforced control, less freedom, and humanity will fade and eventually die out as a species, because the most fundamental aspect of Man, his mind, is denied theoretically and practically through modern flawed “scientific” belief systems. This is equally true for past and present religions, just as it is for modern “science”, wherever force, or threats of force, are used to exact adherence to opinions and beliefs.

This is not an argument of materialism versus spirituality. Almost all historical periods, even when characterized by “religious” or “spiritual” influences, have been actually “materialistic” because Man’s mind was largely neglected and oppressed in favor of arbitrary belief systems about the physical universe and man’s relationship to it. The history of this planet has been mainly characterized by the use of force against Man and his mind to alter belief and behavior, whether these forces were “religious”, “political”, “economic” or “social”. Any perceived dichotomy of “materialism” versus “spirituality” is an illusion and is not part of this discussion. Materialism here means the viewing of everything as inherently physical, with the neglect of man’s mind a usual by-product of such a view. Religions have done this as much as any modern “scientific” materialism.

Actually, calling educated people “dumb” is incorrect. Intelligence or “being smart” is primarily characterized by one’s ability to understand concepts, relate them to other concepts, and use them together within a complete unique system or field. But as was shown with logic and math, being good at and understanding the axioms, suppositions and concepts of any specific system in no way necessitates any exact or real correlation to anything in the real world of observable facts and situations. This has never been more true than in the case of modern psychology, psychiatry and social planning (people control). It’s not that these people aren’t “smart”. They are often very smart – they have simply been taught and believe false ideas. It’s their personal observation and moral integrity which have failed. Also, intelligence has nothing to do with compassion, understanding or decency. There have been brilliant brutes and uneducated humanitarians. Psychiatrists tend to fall within the first group.

The modern educated member of any of the social “sciences”, while possibly very “smart”, has completely missed the boat, believed completely what has been taught to them, failed to ever view the actual results of their practices, and have propagated severely destructive theories and applications in modern societies. What has made it so much worse is that governments and major financial interests all over the world have funded, agreed with, and supported modern psychology, psychiatry and social control. Why? The answer to that is easy. They think they know what’s best for you and they will do whatever they have to do to bring about their notion of an “ordered and well controlled world”. They would like you all to act like matter – like bricks – to obey faithfully every order given you, without thought or personal decision. Their notion of an ideal world seems to be one characterized by “order”, “predictability” and “harmony”. These are actually characteristics of matter, and have no place in a sane and creative world of responsible and competent people. Making sane, creative, and competent people shouldbe the goal of any “mental health system”, and making a safe society where honest people can function at their best should be the goal of a proper government. Neither exists today. Sadly, no existing popular or official field of study or subject so much as even desires such a thing. Current Earth is in a sad state of affairs. This is a direct result of applying ideas about the physical world and physical sciences directly to Man, his mind, and his societies.

The current governments and major world financial concerns view Man as just so many bricks to be manipulated, controlled and forced into proper action or subservience. Much of their actions are most likely due to complete ignorance to the truth of what is stated in this essay. But I suspect there are some who know the truth of what I am discussing here, and they choose to do it anyway. You will not find a more blatant example of pure evil anywhere. One of the worst things you can do to any person or society is force them or it to become like matter and energy, because when this is done every vestige of humanity and what makes Man decent and great disappears. He becomes a rock, waiting to be acted upon by an outside force, never initiating anything original, creative or decent. Actually, its worse than that. He becomes a combination of the worse Man can be. Welcome to the 20th century.

Every horror done by and on human beings throughout the entire known (and unknown) history of this planet can be explained by Man having been treated as matter and failing to extend to, grant, and nurture within him understanding, ability, communication, awareness, and personal power as a creative thinking being – a mind. This may sound strangely “mystical” or “religious” to some. It is neither, and is only raw simple truth. Those who would deny Man’s right as a free mind, with creativity, awareness and responsibility, are consigning him to oblivion. Regardless of the excuses, justifications or concatenations of logic used by the atheist, materialist, humanist, militarist, nationalist, politician, psychiatrist or religionist, the results are always the same – pain, misery, failure and death. Whenever man’s true mind and awareness, and all it’s powers and functions are denied, there goes the entire civilization. Force reigns. It has happened before, and it is happening now. This has been the pattern throughout all human history.

There has never been a time where an educated society was taught about their own mind, what it is, how it operates, and with the intention to increase their personal awareness, understanding, ability, power, creativity and success. In fact, Man and his mind have never been adequately studied within any “official” subject, with an aim at doing this. It need not be that way.

Responsibility is a function of a creative mind that is allowed and encouraged to be a creative mind. So is decency, honesty and morality. In a world which suppresses man and his mind, these things disappear – and so they are disappearing in modern civilizations. This is the true source of the world’s trouble. It is nothing else. Every other thing or influence which has been cited as a cause, whether political, social, economic, racial, or religious, has this as it’s true fundamental explanation. These other situations couldn’t exist if the basic ideas in this essay weren’t ignored, violated and suppressed. Psychiatric methods inhibit and harm minds, and thereby also harm everything a mind can and should do. Behavioral psychology methods force compliance. Social control manipulates and deceives through miseducation and outright dissemination of lies.

There is only one way to bring about a better world where people can be happy, successful, and free of crime, war, insanity and poverty. As said before, the solution resides in no “system”. The solution lies in recognizing, encouraging, and bringing about increased personal ability in each and every human being – through the recognition and nurturing of “mind” functions. And then let them all, as a unit, create whatever world they so desire. But this is so very very far from the view of any current established theory, belief or practice on this planet at this time. This view, if practiced would destroy almost every extant social, political, and religious institution. There are too many people who have much to lose (from their viewpoint and set of beliefs) by the enactment of such a situation. Empowering people threatens them all.

The world at any time is only the sum total of what the people conceive it to be. When they have unclear understandings, vague notions, incorrect conceptions, and false beliefs about themselves and others, the world follows accordingly. Until a majority of the individual people, as creative minds, obtain an accurate understanding of the nature, functions, and capabilities of their own minds, and actually use effective methods to improve the operation of their own minds, the world will continue as it has always and as it is now – chaotic, uncontrollable, violent, oppressive, and failing. The only reason various segments of societies and the world still appear sane, decent and productive is because Man’s mind is strong and resilient, and often manifests it’s inherent natural tendencies despite the continual efforts against it not to do so. But this will become less and less as more freedom is denied, and as popular psychological and psychiatric theories are increasingly applied to the world’s populations.



Most religions are control mechanisms and this applies to all the “big ones” and not only to modern “cults”. The people are fed largely untrue notions about deity, the universe and his relationship to these, and they are forced to accept, adhere to and promote these ideas under the threat of duress or worse. Much religion to this day is still characterized by arguments, fighting and outright warring. It is often a matter or “power” – power over the lives, thoughts and actions of others. One group “believes” their notions implicitly and demands everyone else accepts them or else. Various “reasoning”, “spiritual posturing”, excuses and justifications are used. Again, it all makes sense within each unique religious belief system. You see an example of this almost every day in the media. Remember, ideas and concepts are largely in Man’s mind alone. This is no less true for religious ideas. The fanatical religious person may claim his basic axioms and assumptions are true, but he should have no right to enforce them on anybody in any way. It is up to you to decide just how much of some religious idea has anything to do with any objective reality or fact. You should be granted the right to freely decide and choose. You rarely are. It’s not that “religion” is bad. We would, for the most part, feel a large emptiness without it. It is the “use” of religion which has too often been badly practiced. These are two majorly different things.

Psychiatry & Materialism

“Science”, modern psychology and psychiatry function as modern “religions” in that they are firmly believed and enforced on everyone else whether you agree with them or not. As psychiatry obtains greater and greater government support, this becomes even more true. Psychiatric views have infiltrated the legal, various social, governmental and educational systems. It is heavily funded and your tax dollars support it (whether you like it or not).

Psychiatry also possesses the tools of enforcement and social control which modern governments adore. But, ultimately it is only just another belief system, quite arbitrary and very false, once again allied with governments (the State) and used to oppress the public. Strangely the humanist will understand this idea completely about traditional religions throughout history, but fail completely to see how this applies to psychiatry and it’s pretended association with modern science.

Religions have a historical tendency to align with sectarian powers (i.e. governments – the State). Whenever this has been done, the State has often promoted one religion above all others, and tended to suppress differing religious views. This is why the 1st Amendment to the Constitution was written:

Congress shall make no law respecting the establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.

This was designed to prevent the State from supporting one religious view over others. The government should be separate from any religion (separation of Church and State), but it should also be kept separate from ANY belief system – materialism, psychiatry, behaviorism, eugenics, genetics, biopharmacology, and biochemistry included! No government funds should go to any belief system, religious or scientific.

“Religion” and “science” differ only in name – ultimately they are each only unique belief systems. They exist in different places on the “belief spectrum”. Enforcing either one on the public has negative results. Personally, I don’t want my children forced to study, and believe, either the theory of evolution or the theory of creationism, both of which are incorrect as far as I am concerned. It’s not one against the other. It’s not religion against science. More often than not they both act to deny Man’s inherent nature as a thinking, conscious mind, and Man’s rights. One needs to rise above the false ideas and apparent dichotomies, and learn to see from a “higher ground”. You should have the right to believe either, if you choose, but neither should be mandatory. Public schools, supported by the government, promote the materialistic approach. They shouldn’t, just as they shouldn’t promote any specific religious approach.

Any Rand said it well in discussing the traditional battle between the extremes of rationalism and empiricism (spiriualism vs. materialism; religion vs. science):

In the title essay of For the New Intellectual, discussing modem philosophy’s concerted attack on man’s mind, I referred to the philosophers’ division into two camps, “those who claimed that man obtains his knowledge of the world by deducing it exclusively from concepts, which come from inside his head and are not derived from the perception of physical facts (the Rationalists) -and those who claimed that man obtains his knowledge from experience, which was held to mean: by direct perception of immediate facts, with no recourse to concepts (the Empiricists). To put it more simply: those who joined the Witch Doctor, by abandoning reality – and those who clung to reality, by abandoning their mind.

This has been the established defined boundaries of the “battle” within traditional philosophy and western culture. It is a barren playing field as it gives complete loss and failure whichever side one chooses. It’s either “all-mind” in a mystical muddle of conceptual absurdities, or it’s “all-physical matter” in a materialistic mindlessness of biological superiority and temporal hedonism. And in the end both resort to force to secure acceptance and adherence. The modern behavioral psychologist and psychiatrist are avid proponents of the second school – empiricists – they have totally abandoned the mind. A “science” of Man can never achieve or excel when it denies the very thing which creates any “science” – Man’s mind. Modern psychology, which by definition is “the study of the mind”, ignores and denies the very object of it’s own subject!

Materialism, the “scientific approach”, humanism, realism, pragmatism, or whatever you want to call it are simply ideologies, containing a unique combination of ideas and beliefs, and more often than not, orthodoxies – demanding that one conform to certain traditional or currently accepted beliefs and ideas.

Materialism, just as any religion, is a unique set of axioms, assumptions, opinions and beliefs about the nature of Man, the universe, and how Man relates to the universe. It is a system of concepts about reality, and nothing more.

The constitutional amendment written to separate Church and State should have been written to keep ALL belief systems away from government acceptance, subsidization and support. Currently the governments of the United States and Europe are so tied up with these other interests that it may be impossible to separate them. The intent of this amendment was to allow people, through their own conscience, to decide what to believe and support. I don’t want to pay taxes which fund studies or organizations which drug children with Ritalin, encourage electric shock of the elderly, or act to degrade Man’s view of himself into that of an animal. But I am forced to support the modern religion of materialism. I hope some bright constitutional scholar and lawyer will someday, soon, take this to the courts and straighten this out.

“Modern” educated people think they have risen above “the absurd and childish beliefs of past religions”, but, in fact, they have not risen anywhere. They have simply switched to another, equally absurd and flawed, set of beliefs. Of course, they don’t, and cannot see this, much less understand it, because they are believers too – just as were the religious folks in past centuries. The materialist or psychiatrist is equally convinced of his possession of the “truth”, just as was any well-educated priest of the Spanish Inquisition (and the Priests were often very highly educated, in fact, more than anyone else). There is no difference in how either functions. They each have a unique package of opinions, beliefs, and convictions about Man and the universe, they each believe they are “right”, and they are willing to happily force everyone else to believe the same things as they do. They are both totalitarians. They are both the victims of their own over-active conceptualizing, which they each take much too seriously and attribute far too much importance to.

Psychiatry and modern psychology, functioning as materialistic interpretations of Man and life, act as a unique set of opinions and beliefs about man and the universe, just as any religious or philosophical system. Each is a unique set of axioms, assumptions, opinions and beliefs about the nature of Man and the universe. They are logical and well-organized structures of concepts and ideas only, but factually, very far removed from any actual correspondence to existing realities. If you honestly read through these pages, and follow up with some of the reference books, you will come to understand how this is so. But if you don’t, you will stay fixedly set in your own very limited conceptual framework of reality. What most of us think about reality is not what is, but only what we conceive it to be. The two are, more often than not, worlds apart.

Religions, in the past, allied with governmental powers to forward their beliefs, through force and oppression. This is what the first constitutional amendment was designed to prevent for reoccurring. This is what should be separated from the State:

 — ANY set of beliefs regarding Man, the universe and his relationship to it. “Materialism”, “psychology” and “psychiatry” are exactly this. The “religion” of materialism is very much connected to the State, and promoted by the State. It shouldn’t be. It functions as a “religion” in exactly the same way as anything usually called a “religion”.

A “religion” is only a unique sub-category of a larger category – any ideology or philosophy concerning Man, the universe and Man’s relationship to the universe. The amendment should have read, or should be changed to read:

Congress shall make no law respecting the establishment of any ideology or belief system, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.

The religious proponents in the past believed their ideas completely and justified their oppressive actions because it was “truth” (to them). The proponents of “materialism”, psychiatry, psychology and modern “science” believe completely, and in exactly the same way, that their ideas are “modern” and “correct”, and also similarly justify their destructive actions because it is the “truth” (to them). Neither ever thought they were doing anything wrong, and in fact, both believe they are doing the most wonderful of things! This was and is complete delusion. It was true then, in the past, with religious persecution, and it is true now with modern behavioral psychology and psychiatry.

There is no difference between the two. None at all. This is often difficult for “modern people” to see, because one tends to become “stuck” within their own strictly defined belief system (which they don’t recognize as a belief system but instead, see as their own perception of “truth”), but it is completely true nonetheless. Sadly, the Constitutional fathers of the this country didn’t perceive the first amendment in this larger framework, and the amendment wasn’t written in this broader context, otherwise the current abuses could have been prevented.

It is sad that every period of history, including our own, is characterized by people who consider themselves supremely intelligent, in-the-know, aware of “the truth”, smarter, and who are completely willing to enforce their beliefs and opinions upon everybody else (whether in the name of “religion” or “science”). The modern materialist, in the form of the psychiatrists and psychologists, are doing this more than it has ever been done before – in both quantity and quality of abuse.

Hopefully the realization and application of this doesn’t come too late.


Most governments are controlled by people who think they know what is best for everyone else, or who use governments to implement their own personal social, financial, or religious ideas on the general public and on other countries. Again, examples appear daily in the media, although usually never delineated clearly as to true causes. The US government was used by large commercial interests to fight the Gulf War. This is only one example of many where governments are actually pawns of the true powers which use them for their own ends. Almost every president, cabinet member, and government leader is controlled by (supported and bought) or an existing member of large financial or corporate interests. Where do you think their true allegiance lies? Usually, most government people go back to work for or begin to work for the corporate entities they have been supporting all along while part of any government.

The FDA (food and drug administration), a government agency, monitors, approves, and controls “drugs” and supposedly is concerned for the safety of the public. Many members of the FDA Board are past executives of major drug companies, and often go to work as executives (with big salaries) in major drug companies when completing their stint in the FDA (as a reward). Is it any wonder drugs continue to be promoted despite obvious dangers and harms, and alternative, yet often safer, practices continually undergo severe attacks and suppression? The FDA is a promotional and enforcement arm of the major drug companies, and NOT an honest public service group of objective citizens. This tendency is true throughout all aspects of modern governments, although very much hidden from the public’s perception.

Communication versus Force

Here’s another slant on the whole thing. Each person and group anywhere basically has their own unique views and ideas and wants to get these accepted by others. This can be anything from a personal like for a music group, to ones infatuation with an artist, to religion, to politics. Why? I don’t know. They just do. Its part of the nature of sentient beings. A being’s idea or belief, when accepted by others, obtains more agreement and thereby becomes more “real”. Its just his way of creating something, putting it “out there”, and giving it more “staying power” – it lasts longer when more people agree with it. So everyone is trying to get everyone else to agree with them and to contribute to their ideas, whatever they may be. There’s nothing wrong with that. That’s the nature of life. Ideally, sane, decent and capable beings would communicate with others with an intention to bring about an understanding and agreement with what they believe in the other person. It would all be very “above boards”, voluntary, and freely accepted or not. No one would get mad if you didn’t accept and contribute to the idea.

But apparently that is much too difficult for most people and groups on this planet, because instead, what is largely used is force, in the form of guns, threats, condescension, ridicule, controlled mass media, social control, brain washing, slanted indoctrination, covert intelligence operations, military action, deceit, sly persuasion, electric shock, drugs, lobotomies, brain microchip implants and all forms of manipulation. People and groups fail with communication and then resort to force, deceit and trickery. These exist in various forms to some degree in personal lives, business, relationships, government, religion, and all aspects of society. Volumes of books could be written on specific examples. Any patient and honest observer can find many examples of each. It has been the modus operandi for most of Earth’s history.

It would benefit anyone to sit down and spend a few hours examining this. Start with the area of personal life, and locate a few examples where someone has failed at getting another to think or do (behave) as they desired, and then resorted to force or deceit in some form to attempt to realize their wishes. Many male-female relationships provide ample substance for this. Do the same for the areas of business, government, and religion.

Force is applied to get others to think, behave and believe as others want them to. This tendency continues unabated. It has been with us all throughout human history and it is with us now. In fact, with modern mass media, technology, drugs, behavioral techniques, and thought manipulation it is continuing at an ever expanding rate. If you don’t see it, or don’t see the magnitude of it, it simply means they have done their jobs well, because part of the modern methods include the desire to remain hidden and anonymous. But it is happening just the same.

While most everything is “only ideas and concepts”, there are ideas and concepts which more closely align with actual events and situations. All concepts are not equal as to their accurate relationship to the things, events and relationships they refer to. What has just been described is not an illusion like most people’s understanding of “gravity”. The ideas discussed here have a close association with actual situations and events. The mind of man exists as described here. The current cultural problems exist. Materialism is the primary culprit. These exists no matter what your opinion or concept about them may be. You can choose to believe that 1) Man’s mind doesn’t exist, 2) consciousness and human activity is biochemical or stimulus-response in nature, and 3) is meaningless as a factor in anything, but all you will be doing is exercising a function of the very mind you deny to exist – the capability and tendency to create belief. There are real situations occurring on the planet now. Take the time to find out for yourself what these are. They are not what you have been led to believe.

About the Author

I graduated in 1973, about 30th in a class of over 600, with very high honors (3.65 grade point average), from a major American engineering college (Worcester Polytechnic Institute in Worcester, Mass.). I received a degree in electronics engineering (one of the “harder” engineering majors) and also double majored in psychology at Clark University (a major American psych college in Auburn, Mass.). I didn’t spend much time studying – I did when I needed to so I could “ace” the tests. I never followed a career in engineering or psychology, because I wasn’t interested in building missile guidance systems for the government, and I thought almost everything I had “learned” in psychology was a complete farce. Other B and C students went to major corporations or eventually started their own businesses, each developing rather large incomes. They generally agreed with all they were taught, never questioned any of it, and “succeeded”. They fit right in. While I didn’t understand all of what I am discussing in this essay at the time, I did sense something off kilter about modern society, understanding and beliefs. I relate my past academic performance to show that I am not “anti-intellectual” or “anti-science” and also that I could do it quite easily and well. I am not talking about something I am completely unfamiliar with.

I have since studied, primarily as a hobby, but continuously over the past 25 years, various subjects of history, philosophy, religion, mysticism, economics, politics, psychology, psychiatry, sociology, nutrition, health, medicine, and numerous “fringe” subjects such as the occult, magic, visualization, numerous New Age topics, aliens, UFOs, Science of Mind, Scientology, theosophy, Rosicrucianism, Yoga, meditation, and more. I have tried to cover it all so I could develop the ability to look at the entirety of modern civilization as a sociologist might look at a 17th century country community. Also, I haven’t only “thought” about the information, but have attempted to try out, use and apply as much as possible. What I discuss in this essay is not simply derived from philosophizing and intellectual shenanigans of playing with “concepts” and “abstractions”. My studies aren’t over, but I am well on my way.



Psychiatry, as an application of materialism to the subject of Man, in itself and as a tool of self-conceived world manipulators, is one of the most destructive belief systems and practices currently in operation on the planet. Take the time to learn about it yourself. LOOK, OBSERVE, and don’t listen to their PR and arguments. As discussed in this essay, anything can be presented in a way to have it “make sense” and appear “logical”. Logic implies nothing but internal consistency with fundamental axioms, nomenclature, definitions and ideas. Don’t fall for it and . . .

Say NO To Psychiatry!


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