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This Is The End

Welcome to the most glorious event in the history of this physical universe. Indeed, welcome to the most significant event in the history of all of creation.
Although many of you may not have realized it just yet, everyone on this planet has front row seats to one of the most amazing and beautiful creative events ever initiated. All of us currently existing in, on, and around this earth are about to witness the culmination of eons of physical evolution and spiritual effort. A divine plan set in motion at the very start of this creation is reaching its glorious, divinely sanctioned, and spiritually magnificent climax. Now the entire hosts of heaven, the spiritual hierarchies, and indeed the whole of creation are poised, watching and waiting, to participate in a divine event so magnificent its description is beyond mere words. Prophecies about heaven on earth and even our greatest imaginings of paradise lost do not do justice to the scope and magnitude of this event.

In Christian circles it is known as the creation of heaven on earth and in some eastern religions, most notably Tibetan Buddhism, it is known as the return of the kingdom of Shambhala. The Mayans knew it was coming. They ended their calendar at the approximate conclusion of it. It is probably best described in the new age movement, where the event is known as The Ascension. The word “ascension” literally means to move upward and is a perfect term for this process because, at its root, The Ascension really is about moving up.

The good news is, it is happening right now!


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